Tuesday, August 01, 2006

paul & joe line hits target

so, i've actually had the launch of this line bookmarked in my calendar for some time - in case you aren't familiar, target has started teaming up with european designers to present a "mini-line" of clothing at target prices. the most recent was tara jarmon, but today they've launched their paul & joe collection, which by all accounts was supposed to be pretty darn good.

naturally, i had to head straight over to my friendly neighborhood target to check it out on day one, before everything sold out (as was the case with the tara jarmon line). i was actually pretty impressed with the collection - nothing too crazy, but a lot of fun, creative pieces. only downside is they're sized for juniors, which means we all need to go up a size. but once i got over that, i picked up a few pieces that i'm quite happy with!

this seemingly simple navy shirt is actually incredibly cute on (totally not done justice by the target model). the drape is gorgeous, and definitely more than i would have expected for $18.

i also picked up this very pretty dolman sleeve chiffon shirt. i love the pattern, and though the chiffon piece is very loose, it's also very sheer, so you still get the form-fitted benefit (from the included camisole) without feeling like you're baring all. not the best deal ever, at $35, but it was unique enough that i went for it.

and last but not least, a pretty black and ivory silk camisole, with a toile-like pattern and lace detailing. it's not listed on the website yet, but it will be a great layering piece under suits.

some other notes i have, after trying on nearly the entire collection:

- the bright green cords are to die for! they fit beautifully, and if they hadn't been at least 2 inches too short, i would have snatched them up. if you're petite, go for it! (remember to size up, since they're juniors)

- the cropped pants (which are kind of a light brown, with a peach pinstripe, which is hard to tell from the pic) are very cute, but definitely a very straight fit. if you have hips, they're not for you :)

- the kimono shirt was very cute, and very comfortable, but wasn't that flattering on. it felt like i was wearing a robe over my jeans...not exactly the look i'm going for.

- the owl and ballerina puffed sleeve t-shirts are really cute on...i just decided it wasn't something i "needed" right now, and i'm too cheap to shell out $15 for a target t-shirt. one comment is that it is a thermal knit (think long johns), so be prepared for that. oh, and this may be a quality control issue, but the ballerina was actually toward the bottom right of the shirt that i tried on - it wasn't centered on the t-shirt as shown online. i actually preferred it lower and off-center, so that was fine, but just an FYI.]

happy bargain shopping!