Friday, August 04, 2006

whoever said dogs are like kids never came home to this...

so last night, i took the hubs to see rent, as he'd never been. lovely show as always. got home around midnight, was doing my 'getting ready for bed' routine, when i heard a commotion in the backyard - our beagle was going completely crazy. so, i call to him to come inside....and as soon as he runs through the door, the entire house reaks. yes, my little beagle found a skunk. at midnight. let me just tell you how fun that is.....and just how rancid a skunk smells when it's all over your house.

the things we do for our kids....fur-coated and otherwise.

i guess this means some introductions are in order. this is my skunk-infested beagle (photo by my genius hubs):

and this is our other, dog - jezebel. she's an afghan hound. and yes, she lives up to her name. (sorry, i have to show two pictures....she's just too cute):

this is her as a puppy:

and this is her now (with a little artistic flair from the hubs):