Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i knew i'd come up with something :)

ooookay, so another lovely blogger, closettherapy, has helped me regain my mojo by advising me of a quite darling little jewelry site: trunkshop.com. they have a fun mix of indy designers and some really great vintage pieces (at fabulous prices). some of my favorites:

this pearberry necklace combines three of my favorite things right now: gold, blue semiprecious stones, and the leaf/feather design. i love that it's different, without being ostentatious - i could easily take this from work to going out with friends. plus, it's just so pretty!

i love this 'traveler necklace,' for a couple of reasons. i think the clear glass is a great way to wear a large pendant without it looking like a large pendant. and (here comes the literary geek in me), the designer named it in reference to the great robert frost poem: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." (the road not taken). one of my favorite oldey timey sentiments, and one i'd definitely benefit from carrying a reminder of around my neck.

i'm normally not much for bracelets, but i think this one is just stunning! i love the big links, and i think that rough-cut quartz piece in the center is completely fabulous. talk about a conversation piece! plus, it has that 'charm bracelet' vibe, without the loudness and clankiness of the real deal.

perhaps best of all, the lovely ms. closettherapy has arranged for a 15% off discount sitewide on trunkshop - just enter CLOSETTHERAPY at checkout. but do me a favor, and spend some time on closet's delicious blog if you're going to take advantage of the discount. she definitely deserves credit for scoring that deal! besides, her blog is really quite fabulous, and definitely worth a read :)