Wednesday, August 23, 2006

designer of the day: joy gryson

very very new to the scene, but joy gryson had me at hello, handbag! she has some really gorgeous designs for fall, and is falling right in that dangerous price range somewhere between the mid-range designers (coach, KORS, marc by marc jacobs) and the high end (vuitton, marc jacobs, need i go on....), leaving you with the dreaded "i could, but will my husband divorce me?" debate.

a little blurb on gryson, courtesy of

Searching for that perfect fall carryall—one that your friends won't be able to place, but will simply have to have? Look no further than Gryson, a new line just hitting stores. Designer Joy Gryson earned her chops at Coach, Calvin Klein, and, most recently, Marc Jacobs—which means she knows her way around an "It" bag. Her contenders for that title feature soft Italian leathers, suede linings, braided details, and brushed-metal hardware. They're luxe, yet cool, where other must-have totes can be uptown, uptight, and, worst of all, obvious. If you want to be the first in the front row to have a Gryson, better grab one now.

i'm loving all of her designs, but these two (pictured) are my absolute favorites. the colors are both just so rich and saturated, and the detail is really impressive. the brown is being touted as the new "it bag" by several fashionistas, but that just makes me more inclined toward the grey :) plus, i'm always thrilled at the prospect of owing a bag that i know is nice, but not everyone can point to and know exactly what i paid. can't wait to check them out in person!

if you love them like i do, you can buy them here, and here .