Monday, August 07, 2006

september issue of 'lucky' is out!

okay, so i know this could get me kicked out of many a fashionista circle, but here's the dirty truth: i like lucky better than vogue. i mean, conceptually, vogue is fabulous - great to let me know what's happening on the runways, what i can expect to see in the stores in the next couple of months, etc. plus, there's actually some interesting reading in there occasionally. but lucky? lucky is like one big giant catalog, of all the best stuff from every store! i literally set aside time each month to peruse in full...because, to digest a 200+ page catalog is no small feat :)

this september, make that 400+'s HUGE! i'm literally sitting at my desk and forcing myself to not go get it and just bail on work for the rest of the day. but, i'm picturing myself out on our back deck this evening, with a glass of wine and my little addiction.....should be a fabulous night!