Thursday, January 31, 2008

what i want today: more cardigan goodness

so, i know spring is going to come eventually. and when it does, i'm going to wonder what on earth possessed me to buy so many cardigans and sweater coats this winter. but the truth is, when the temperature plummets and the rain just won't quit, all i want is something warm, cozy, and loose-fitting to curl up in.

the latest on my list is this classic black option from lily mcneal, whose knits i just adore. the length is great for covering up those minidresses it's still way too cold to wear, and the cut is roomy but still tailored. best of all, it's on sale at tobi for $137, which is a pretty fabulous deal any way you look at it.

great sale reminders

just a quick reminder about some of the fabulous discounts that are floating around right now, especially as many expire today or tomorrow.

* tiffini dooris has that lovely sitewide 35% discount going on now, and it expires today, if memory serves. use code LUCKYBREAKS to save.

* barefoot tess is giving shoppingsmycardio readers 35% off sitewide through tomorrow, 2/1, with code CARDIO35.

* is giving 10% off sitewide to shoppingsmycardio readers with code JAKECARDIO. good through 2/28/08.

* and, of course, that lovely 10% off sitewide at stars and infinite darkness, with code shoppingsmycardio, which is good until 2/10/08.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what i want today: ema takahashi jewelry

i was doing my morning web wander, trying to decide what to show today, and got stuck on these gorgeous handmade pieces by ema takahashi. my favorite is the peony necklace (above) - i think it's fabulously abstract, but when you put it on (see pic here), it transforms and the 'flower' design really comes out. also, i love that it comes on your choice of a 16" chain with a 1.25" flower or a 29" adjustable length chain with a 1.75" flower, which is the version i'd choose.

i'm also particularly loving her violet earrings and gold green drop earrings, both of which would be fabulous additions to my jewelry box.

snag them all, and check out the rest of ema's stunning work, at the fabulous stars and infinite darkness. just be careful...their site always manages to lure me in completely!

ooh, and some excellent news: the kind folks over at stars and infinite darkness have offered up an exclusive 10% discount for shoppingsmycardio readers through feb. 10! just use code shoppingsmycardio (clever, aren't we?) at checkout. have fun!

Monday, January 28, 2008

what i want today: cole haan genevieve wallet

i dropped in to the new cole haan boutique in my 'hood yesterday, and i was actually pretty pleasantly surprised. they've really updated their style - the new store design is sleek and modern, and they have the goods to match.

my absolute favorite, though, was this woven wallet from their newest handbag collection, genevieve (also a pleasant step forward for cole haan, whose bags have never really thriled me). i love the zip wallet style, because if it's done properly, it allows me to stash my cell phone and a lip balm inside, and use the wallet as an impromptu clutch. it also allows for oodles of credit card space, which i desperately need (16 slots in this case).

i love the braided leather, which they've managed to make even more special by incorporating a very subtle pattern. it's reminiscent of the signature styles from certain uber-luxe fashion house (though granted, the leather quality doesn't even begin to compare), but i won't be nearly as scared about ruining this one.

i liked the saddle color best, as i think you lose the subtle beauty of this wallet with the too-flashy gold metallic. the marigold was lovely too, but light colored wallets always make me paranoid. you can pick it up at cole haan for $175.

Friday, January 25, 2008

etsy of the day: mrs eliot books

obsessed hardly begins to cover it. i want so many pieces by this lovely artist that i'm considering just having her send me the whole lot, and offering her a kidney in trade.

mrs eliot's originals are collages mounted on wood - she does both one-piece works and works that are a hinged-together series. hard to explain, but the picture above is an example of one of my favorites, called "sunday evenings." the text on the images reads "Good heavens! It's so beautiful at this time of the evening isn't it?". sigh...i heart heart heart it.

francesca (the artist) was kind enough to share a little bit with me about her composition and inspiration. i loved what she had to say:

my pieces on wood are mainly collages of paper, i also sometimes draw directly onto the wood. i love using pencil on white painted wood. I usually have all my paper scraps on my computer anyway because i sometimes work out compositions on my mac and it also allows me to print the patterns onto whatever paper i like, for example if i want a piece to have more texture, i might print onto an embossed vintage wallpaper.

i started with my [hinged wooden] books; at art school i had loved making collages of torn up sentences and illustrations in my little A6 sketchbooks and when i revisited them for inspiration i realised i wanted to do that for a living! but in a way that was more lasting and so that they could be on display and not hiding in a book that you had to open every time. that's the problem with a lot of artists' books, they sit on a bookshelf half the time and you never get to see inside. a few months later i discovered the craft blogs, and then etsy, and that was it.
delightful, isn't she? best of all, her pieces are so affordable - you can score one of her originals (usually done in editions of 10) for $60-70, and she offers prints of most of her pieces for $20, as well as notecards and other fun toys. i have no idea how she does it, but she manages to make the prints of her hinged books every bit as darling as the original.

i can just picture this above the sink in my kitchen - so perfect! or, i love the idea of grabbing a bunch of her season prints as a set - i found autumn (my absolute favorite), winter and summer on the site, but i'm guessing spring is around the corner.

and, just because i love it so, i'll show you this one's called milk.

head on over to francesca's etsy site and snap up any or all of her gorgeous pieces today...or just enjoy the lovely art show (and the photos that show how adorable her home is - i'm in love with her teacup collection!).

Thursday, January 24, 2008

what's next: classic, ladylike shoulder bags

dear readers, i have some lovely news: i think the mega-satchel is finally on its way out. and my bet is that the next look in will be those structured, ladylike shoulder bags i was starting to love months ago. they're already trickling in for spring, and i really like what i'm seeing. best of all, several options are either on sale or very reasonably priced - i do so love it when designers decide to ease us into a new trend with lower price points.

kooba is actually really impressing me these days - the fringe is finally gone! and the ladylike, structured bags they've put forth for spring '08 are stunningly elegant. my favorite is this croc-embossed version with a chain handle. at just over $500, this one definitely has the makings of a classic.

this linen-and-leather option from banana republic is a great way to try out the trend without a serious commitment. the shape is mod, the hardware is perfectly styled, and i love the gorgeous navy color (though it's also available in white). for $138, you can afford to try this one on for size.

jill stuart has some gorgeous options out as well - my faves come in navy, white and silver. best of all, none will set you back more than $400, which is pretty remarkable for a designer bag these days.

nab one of these beauties while they're still a great deal - if nothing else, your upper back will thank you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cheap thrills: mirrored silver shoes by kenneth cole

fabulously versatile silver color. gorgeous, on-trend mirrored finish. ideal, walkable 2.5" heel. perfect with colored tights all winter, and the options for spring & summer are endless. seriously discounted $49 pricetag.

yes, the only thing i don't adore about these shoes is the fact that they don't come in my size. kenneth cole is such a little tease sometimes.

snap these up while you can...this should be the easiest sale purchase you make all season.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

site of the day:

mmm....i'd completely forgotten how much i love jake. every time i stumble onto their site, i'm reminded, though. their buyer is an absolute genius, and always manages to score really gorgeous, unique pieces that would round out any wardrobe. plus, when jake has a sale, it's a sale well worth checking out.

a recent stroll through their site revealed this amazing missoni skirt that is now at the top of my list for spring, and a gorgeous ribbon ring by jill alberts that is striking enough for cocktails, but not too bling to wear in the harsh light of day. not to mention the cutest trouser jeans i've seen in a long time, by kasil.

and then, there was the sale section, where i found this gorgeous see by chloe dress for $350.

sigh...where's that money tree when i need it?

fortunately, the super fabulous folks at are offering an exclusive discount for shoppingsmycardio readers. just enter code JAKECARDIO at checkout to save 10% sitewide (you can't, of course, tack this on to any other discount codes you might have scored, or any old orders you've already placed. and this baby's good online only).

see that? jake loves you, too!

Monday, January 21, 2008

what i want today: resin bangles by helene zubeldia

true, it's enamel bangles that we're seeing absolutely everywhere these days (you know a trend's permeated the fashion world when it shows up at target). i'm loving the trend - and in fact, am desperately coveting a number of them from my favorite H-themed store, as well as this completely over-the-top version at j.crew.

but, i also love to mix it up when something becomes this hip and happening - nothing more annoying than walking down the street, feeling super-trendy, only to see 12 people pass you in a 5-minute stretch wearing the exact same thing.

these resin bangles by helene zubeldia are just the thing to keep you on-trend, but still a step ahead of the crowd. i love that they're designed to look exactly like a much more expensive horn bangle would (and in fairness, i should say the description does say they're made of horn, though i'd question it at this price), but the price point is low enough that you can stock up. i'd grab one in both sizes, and layer either/both with an enamel bangle or two. or, make it safari chic: wear the thin and thick together, and break it up with a gold bangle in between. you'll have those wannabes next to you on the sidewalk drooling with envy.

Friday, January 18, 2008

what i want today: obscenely expensive throw pillows

something about winter makes me into a nester. all of a sudden, i stop shopping for clothes (well...okay, i shop less for clothes), and i covet bowls, furniture, new bedding...all of those things that make it fun to just stay inside and admire your purchases.

this week, it's been all about freakishly expensive throw pillows. i realize i'm probably never going to actually spend $300 on this laser-cut leather pillow, for example, but truly, you have to admit: it's so gorgeous, it's literally art. and who says art has to be on the wall? i mean, you know, other than the fact that i own animals, and seeing my dog curled up on top of my "art", taking a nap, would probably give me a coronary.

still...i'd put it on a simple leather club chair, or even just an old rocking chair, and i'm convinced the entire corner of the room would be transformed.

and then, i've completely fallen hook, line and sinker, for the gorgeous pillows (okay, for pretty much everything) over at jonathan adler. how much more fun would your living room be if your couch had this fabulous disco lady at one end, and one of those gorgeous bargello designs on the other? i also love the idea of the studio 54 'admit one' pillow on a bed. works even better if you're single...

this version from anthropologie is (frighteningly) the most affordable of the bunch, at $88. but it's so cheery and happy - i just want to put it somewhere and look at it all day. well, actually i want to put it and a few of its friends somewhere... but unless my ever-practical husband is suddenly kidnapped and reprogrammed by throw-pillow-loving aliens, something tells me these are staying on the shelves at my favorite shops for a while.

anyone else have the redecorating bug this winter?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

deal of the day: basic boutique sale

so, i don't have as much time to post today as i'd like, but i'd feel terrible not letting you all know that basic boutique, one of my favorite "lesser known" sources for emerging designers (though they're not as lesser known now that lucky magazine has done a feature on them) is having a lovely sale, featuring some really gorgeous pieces. plus, through today only, you get an additional 15% off sale items with code PRIVATESALE.

it's well worth a look - they have some gorgeous amalialad pieces marked down (grab that lovely fiddler cardigan while you can!), a few amazing pieces by ulla johnson (don't miss those wren trousers), and loads of beautiful things by mint (this embellished silk blouse, for example), to name just a few.

happy hunting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

asked and answered: dressing the baby bump

so, a dear friend and super faithful reader recently posed a very good question:

Hi SMC, I'm currently in a bit of a fashion blunder. I'm pregnant, 4 months along and I'm too big for my pre-pregnancy clothing and still a little too small for maternity goods. I've essentially got a mini baby bump (looks like a beer gut) and I'm looking for some transitional goods that might be good for wearing after the baby's born, too. I'm used to wearing fitted clothing, and that's just not possible, or I haven't figured out how to do it yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
now granted, i've never had to dress a baby bump (thank goodness), but i've been thinking a lot about this, and here are my pointers. first, i think it's a mistake to dress "for" the bump. in other words, i don't think you should be dressing either to showcase it or to hide it. after all, despite your description, it's not actually a beer gut. i'd liken it to your decollette: sometimes you dress to show it, sometimes you don't, but you're never really trying to hide the girls, if you know what i mean. it's not like it's a secret that they're there.

second, i think a lot of women veer toward matronly, baggy, boring clothes as soon as they start to see the bump appear. now, i know you can't exactly run out and drop thousands on a wardrobe that you're only going to wear for six months, but i do think it's important that the pieces you do wear actually fit you properly. that means no rooting around in your husband's closet just because your jeans don't fit any more.

frankly, if i were in your slightly bloated position right now, i'd be thanking my lucky stars that there's never been a better time in fashion to be pregnant (except maybe last summer). i suggest stocking your wardrobe with a few pairs of very comfy tights, (not footless, thank you) and heavily relying on dresses and minidresses to flaunt your new figure. i would love to see you pick up this gorgeous shift dress, for example. it will be comfy as can be, but it's still stylish and could even be office-appropriate, depending on how formal your office is. this ella moss version is also darling, and super discounted down to $50 at at that price, i'd suggest picking one up in each color. the trick with these dresses is to make sure they're flowy enough that your belly won't make the front of the dress dramatically shorter than the back. a little is okay, certainly - it just can't be a huge difference.

i'm a big believer in basics - if you have a few classic foundation pieces, you'll give yourself a world of options. so, i'm going to strongly lobby for this four-piece set by belly basics. it will give you a basic black pant, knee-length skirt, wrap dress, and a 3/4 sleeve shirred polo shirt, all in one slick package. for $150, that's a pretty sweet deal. just remember: this isn't a funeral, so don't stick to all black, all the time. mix this set up with lots of color, and use accessories to make it fit your personal style.

also, try to go through your closet and find the things that will still work. most cardigans, blazers, or empire-waist tops, for example, should work just fine for most of your pregnancy. don't worry about the fact that they won't button - just wear them open. this darling short-sleeve sweater, for example, certainly isn't designed for maternity wear, but it would work perfectly for you - the empire waist and split down the center mean you could easily layer this with a contrasting tank and some jeans for a very cute spring look.

i'd also be majorly taking advantage of the fact that those empire waist dresses that are absolutely everywhere right now will emphasize your new mega-cleavage and minimize that bump for a while longer. plus, by buying things that are on-trend and just naturally styled to accommodate your belly, you'll have a much bigger pile of clothes to go back to post-baby than you will if you jump straight to maternity wear.

i love this grecian style tank dress, which would be a great layering piece. and this kimono dress has an elastic "waist" under the bust, which should be perfect for you right about now. plus, it's under $20 - how can you not love that?

and, just a few random suggestions: i'm pretty confident this top by zoa ltd. is drapey enough that it can see you through almost the entire pregnancy, and it will be a perfect layer under a blazer or sweater for work, or solo with jeans for the weekend. and i love this belted minidress by bailey 44. it's the perfect way to show off your new figure when you're completely sick of wearing loose, flowy clothes (and it also happens to be on sale!).

last but not least, don't be afraid to invest in a few pieces that will really make your pregnancy wardrobe something to be excited about. not everything has to be practical. attitude is everything, and if you hate what you're wearing, it'll show. so, treat yourself to a few fabulous things that you'll really love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

deal of the day: 70% off designer sale at shopbop

shopbop just sent me a lovely pre-MLK day present: a 20% off code for everything marked down 50% or more in their designer boutique. normally i wouldn't be quite this excited, but there are many, many fabulous deals to be had. now, remember - this is the designer boutique, so you're not going to score any $10 bargains. but 70% off on a michael kors bag or a peter som dress is nothing to sneeze at.

to score the deal, just head over to the sale section in their designer boutique, pick out your favorites, and use code DESIGNERSALE at checkout.

a few of my picks, in case you need help spending your nest egg:

i love this erickson beamon necklace - it's completely unique (in fact, exclusive to shopbop), will work with a variety of styles, and is sure to be in your closet for decades. i loved it at full price ($785), and i love it even more now that it's $392, plus an additional 20% off, making it, what, about $315? not an unreasonable price at all for a really spectacular piece of jewelry.

this peter som dress is also completely fabulous. still a splurge, certainly, at about $600, but considering it was $1,500 initially, this is a pretty amazing opportunity to pick up a designer piece. you know, if you happen to be a size 2 and have $600 lying around.

this michael kors satchel is gorgeous and classic, both in vanilla (perfect for spring/summer) and in black (a stunning every day bag). and his high-end bags are really divine. the michael by michael kors line is lovely too, don't get me wrong - but it's nothing compared to this. and you can pick up this beauty for not much more than you'd pay for the budget version - about $450.

i'd suggest more, but i have to run before my shopping cart expires and that zac posen clutch and anya hindmarch flats i've somehow snapped up get sniped by some other shopper!

what i want today: tangerine...belt

no, not a tangerine speedo. tempting, though.

in general, i'm really happy about the trend toward bright, bright colors for spring - perhaps it's the grey skies we're suffering through right now. but in particular, i'm loving the pop of color this little flash of orange gives an otherwise very bland ensemble. this is a great way to start incorporating spring trends now, without breaking out the florals and strappy sandals (really not winter-weather-friendly).

pick it up at banana republic for $38, and be creative - this is a piece you'll find goes with dozens of wardrobe combinations.

Monday, January 14, 2008

what i want today: wallets by hayden-harnett

it's not often i see a wallet that really has me turning cartwheels...especially one that's under $150. but hayden-harnett, a brand i've never managed to get too excited about, has managed to make me oddly thrilled about carting around my ever-growing stack of credit cards.

i love just about everything this darling library wallet has to offer: the fabulous colors, the size (six credit card slots, a nice big zip compartment and open compartments inside), and the gorgeous patterns. my favorites are the red and grey, but if you're an art deco fan, that black one is made for you.

pick it up at anthropologie for $138 - just make sure you scotchgard that fabric!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

etsy of the day: kim westad pottery

yep, another etsy obsession. i stumbled across the very talented kim westad's work during one of my marathon etsy-browsing sessions, and i'm completely smitten. her pieces are all incredibly functional, but they're also gorgeous, unique, and just ooze personality.

i snapped up one of these sweet peas pictured above (love the name!) as soon as i spied it - talk about love at first sight! but i haven't quite decided how to use yet. it'd be perfect to hold makeup brushes, but i almost hate to hide it away in the bathroom. it would also be gorgeous on my mantle. or in my kitchen, holding a couple of flowers...hmm, maybe i need more than one...

but, it's hard to decide if i need two of those, or whether i'd rather take advantage of the fact that kim sells her seconds on her etsy shop, so i could score this stunning crocus vase for $60, which is a pretty amazing deal on such a gorgeous piece of art. this would make a fabulous grouping on a shelf, with the sweet pea, the crocus vase and maybe a piece from the jonathan adler menagerie (which i'm still coveting with a vengeance) - maybe a hippo or a giraffe.

i love these whirl serving dishes as well - they'd be gorgeous either as a serving piece or just empty on a coffee table. and i'd love to snap up a whole set of these gorgeous soup bowls in all sorts of colors. heck, i'd be thrilled with two or three of just about everything kim has to offer. wouldn't you?

Friday, January 11, 2008

shoppingsmycardio reviews: loeffler for target

so, i've finally gotten a chance to check out most of the pieces from the loeffler for target collection (after box 9 of 9 of my target delivery arrived at my door last night - sheesh). i admit, i was scared. the GO international lines, which i wanted so badly to adore, were incredibly poorly made (even by target standards) and generally designed with your average 17-year-old consumer in mind. just my two cents.

but i was pleasantly surprised by some of the loeffler pieces in real life. overall, things are well-made, and well-finished, with thoughtful details like a nice gold plate on the bags to identify the brand, a gold lining much like the one used on loeffler's high-end line, and a hinge frame on the clutches to make them more structured. definitely better than i was expecting.

the bags are maybe the best use of pleather i've seen in a while. the woven clutch is small, but it would be really practical either as a clutch, or even as a 'bag within a bag' for you ladies with the unmanageably huge handbags (just please, lose the wrist strap). and the weaving, plus a subtle colored-on texture on the pleather, makes the bag look a lot pricier than it actually is. based on my experience with the clutch, i'd definitely give the woven satchel a closer look, though i do have some concerns about the shape being too short & squat to be useful.

the other piece i really like from the collection, which is inexplicable to me, as i hated the pictures of it, is the chain handle clutch. i love it in both the rose gold and the brown, actually (the brown is actually sort of a cross between chocolate and rich burgundy - it's a fabulous color), and since i think it's a little ridiculous to own the same bag in 2 different colors, i'm having a hard time with this one. the brown would work really well as a day bag, when you're going for that more ladylike look. and it bears a striking similarity to the mitzy clutch from loeffler's fall 2007 line. but the rose gold packs such a fashion punch, and feels very edgy/carrie bradshaw - it's a tough call.

the shoes, i have to admit, are disappointing, especially given my undying love for just about all of loeffler's collections. the rosettes on the ballet flats really only work on the gold and rose gold versions - on the black and brown, there's a noticeable 'pom pom' effect that isn't good (ditto for the clutches with the great big rosettes). but the rose gold version actually turned out quite cute, so i'll be keeping those. the peep toe flats would have been fabulous as a heel or a wedge - anything but a flat, basically. and, a word on sizing - i think most of you will find these a little snug. hard to say whether they'll stretch, since they're plastic, but it's definitely a concern.

overall, i'm nowhere near as excited about the loeffler for target pieces as i wanted to be. but there are a few gems in there, and i'm much more impressed with the quality and design after seeing them in person than i was by the online pictures. and that girl that you see on the street trying desperately to rock a rose gold chain handle clutch with jeans and a sweater? yeah, that'll be me. just please, don't laugh and point.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

what i want today: zoe & morgan cloud necklace

i am so smitten by this gorgeous cloud necklace by zoe & morgan. it's a perfect, go-with-anything accent that has so much more originality than a generic gold necklace. plus, i think it's a great, balanced way to keep your jewelry wardrobe young without getting into the dangerous territory of skulls and crowns.

best of all, it's on sale, so you can pick it up for $126 now at net-a-porter. i'm sadly still on my post-holiday spending moratorium, but i'm desperately hoping someone i know will buy it and let me borrow!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

deal of the day: bargains at barefoot tess

ladies, it's not often a deal like this comes along, so listen up: the completely fabulous peeps over at barefoot tess have oh-so-kindly offered shoppingsmycardio readers an exclusive 35% off sitewide, even on sale items!

so, what does this mean for you?

those bee-yoo-tee-full loeffler randall mina flats, which would be the ultimate classic flat in your closet, for $130 (no, that's not a type-o).

a gorgeous lauren merkin clutch, in indigo or burgundy patent, for $130 and $140, respectively.

the all black pisces flats, another shoe i've been coveting for a while now, in all sorts of yummy spring colors, down to $50 (i especially love the tangerine and teal).

best of all, if you happen to be between a size 11 or 12, you can hook yourself up with two of the hottest boots of the season: the loeffler randall matilde and the delman dharma. that's definitely a deal too hot to pass up!

or, score some of the many various moccasins and slippers i've been inexplicably coveting lately (well, okay, it's not completely's been cold and rainy, and i spend a lot of time at home in my uggs).

i love these darling dolce vita moccasins, particularly that very spring-friendly shade of bright yellow, which is down to about $30.

can't explain it, but something about these manimal mocs (probably has something to do with the fact that every pair is still handmade by the designer in her boston apartment) really appeals to me, especially when they're marked down to $90.

even more inexplicable is my affection for these blue suede, fur-lined slippers, which go against everything i stand for, and yet i still really want them. go figure. but for under $50, i think i might as well indulge!

so, use code CARDIO35, and start shopping! and a big, huge, shoppingsmycardio toast to the ladies at barefoot tess for hooking us up with this killer deal!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what i want today: high tea cookie stand

yep, i'm officially obsessed now...the january anthropologie catalog has taken over my brain.

but truly, i can't really imagine anything more perfectly suited to my taste than this completely gorgeous high tea cookie stand. love doesn't even begin to describe it. i want to hug it and kiss it and call it george. i want to have all of my friends over for tea just so i have an excuse to buy it. as i continue to stock up my hodgepodge of mismatched teacups, this really is just about the most perfect complement to the "set" that i could possibly imagine.

for the record, i would like to officially blame grace at design*sponge for my obsession with this, by the way. sure, i probably would have found it on my own, but she posted it on her blog before i even got started with The Catalog From my obsession started a little early.

Monday, January 07, 2008

what's next: rose gold

rose gold is one of those colors i've always had a secret affection for, but i've never really felt okay about embracing it...until recently. now, all of a sudden, rose gold is actually becoming acceptable, and even fashionably fabulous (outside of QVC circles, that is), and i'm pretty excited about it.

the wonderful thing about rose gold is that you get the warmth of gold (gold is just about always more flattering to skin than silver, i have to say) without the predictability. plus, you can mix rose gold with yellow gold or with silver/platinum, and either are perfectly okay. not so with the gold/silver mixing, which i still struggle with daily. best of all, rose gold (especially when it comes to jewelry) just has this fantastic, vintage air about it that always seems to make me happy.

take for instance that moss mills audrey necklace we talked about a while back (available in rose gold, yellow gold and silver). i'm still completely obsessed with it, and am coveting it in a way i haven't coveted anything in a very long time. one of these days, it will be mine. but as a stopgap, you could always substitute with this perfectly lovely pink bubble necklace, which will set you back a measly $7 during the urban outfitters sale.

also, the new loeffler randall for target line launched a couple of weeks ago, and while i've been waiting for my shipment to arrive before i give my full review, i can say that i have a very confusing love/hate with this rose gold clutch. the color is fantastic, and the construction is actually much better than i was expecting. but the style...i absolutely hated it the first time i saw it, but lately, it's been growing on me, in a weird way. and now, i can actually totally see myself carrying it - though i'd use it to ramp up an otherwise very casual, weekend-type outfit.

of course, if you're leaning more toward the 'hate' than the 'love' on this one, you could always snap up this yummy "no strings" clutch in rose gold, by the lovely rebecca minkoff.

this watch by tiffany & co. is so very fabulous i hardly know where to start. then again, for $7,000, it should be. but do you see what i mean about the rose gold? it just gives the watch such a unique touch - it makes it so much more interesting than it would be with a yellow or white gold face. of course, if you're not ready to shell out more for a watch than i paid for my first three cars (ahh, the ford festiva...good times, good times), there's also a quite lovely option by burberry. or this stunning vintage rolex i'm obsessed with...a relative bargain at $5,300.

even rose gold shoes are making me happy these days. there are several in that loeffler for target collection, but none are really as fabulous as i was hoping they would be. i do, however, love these by giuseppe zanotti (naturally, since they're $550)...and these by pedro garcia, which are just lovely, and happen to be on sale.

if all of this talk about rose gold has you jonesing for a major jewelry purchase, but your wallet's as bare as mine these days, i think your best bet at immediate gratification (you know, besides the $7 urban outfitters necklace) is in your friendly neighborhood cosmetics department. remember what i said about rose gold being oh-so-flattering to just about every skin tone? try it out as a creamy eye shadow, and i think you'll find yourself batting your lashes at every mirror you see. or, stila loves rose gold so much, they've made it into a gorgeous finishing powder, so your whole complexion can be as glowy as if someone had just handed you that yummy tiffany watch!

take my word for it: this might be the first time in a long time that you're hearing about rose gold, but it won't be the last!

Friday, January 04, 2008

um, when did this happen?

i'm sorry, but when did juicy couture start making cute stuff? (velour sweatsuit people, do not rise up against me...)

i am so ready for it to be spring, just so i can buy this coat and wear it absolutely everywhere. the biggest question is whether to grab it in the "east village" navy-and-white version or the "west village" khaki-and-lime. tough, tough call...

what i want today: darling blue shoes!

the first sign of spring is officially here: the january anthropologie catalog arrived in my mailbox yesterday. you'll be seeing bits and pieces from it for a few days to come, as it's the first catalog i've seen from them in months that had me swooning.'s love.

but today, what i'm loving are the '40s-style pin-up heels they were showing off all over the place. in particular, these gorgeous blue two-piece mary janes by frye ($148). now, i'll admit these aren't a style i'd normally go for, but it's the color that has me head over heels. i'm dying to sport these with any number of darling spring dresses, or really, even shorts. but they don't have to sit in the closet until may...i'm thinking they'd be completely stunning with tights, a mini-dress and a long jacket, or something along those lines. really, the perfect dash of color for a grey winter day.

plus, i just got a very timely email from this morning, telling me that i need to "get on board" with the tights + peep toes trend. hey...who am i to argue?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

what i want today: cashmere military-style sweater

so, my hubs has recently pointed out that i've been overdosing on grey lately. i suppose he may have a point. but how can i resist when there are so many fabulous options out there?

take, for instance, this gorgeous, military-inspired cashmere cardigan. the styling on this is just flawless - it manages to be completely on-trend, but not so over-the-top that you won't be able to wear it in six months. the fold-back lapels give this such great detail, as does the button-tab mandarin collar. the color makes this a perfect neutral, and as a serious cashmere snob, i can tell you that neiman marcus private label cashmere doesn't pill, doesn't stretch, and lasts forever.

best of all, it's part of the winter clearance at neiman. regular price was $425, but tack on all of the post-holiday discounts, and you can take it home for about half that.

after all, there will be plenty of time for color this spring...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what i want in 2008...

whew...i'm almost back in the land of the living, and i'm beyond relieved (breathing through your nose is one of those things you really take for granted until suddenly it's impossible).

for the first post of 2008, i thought it would be fun to do a little recap of all of my fave cardio experiences from 2007, and let you all know what i'm looking forward to in 2008.

for me, there were so very many fabulous 2007 shopping scores (too many, amex is feeling the burn), but i think right now my favorite 2007 purchases were that stunning lily mcneal sweater that i showed you all back in november. it's proven to be amazingly versatile, and is definitely a closet staple now. and, of course, that yummy rebecca minkoff morning after bag that i finally bought after coveting for nearly a year. the color combo is just gorgeous, and so unique - it makes me happy every time i use it.

as for 2008, to be honest, i'm not sure what i'm most excited about yet. sure, i can't wait to see what the spring lines have in store (in fact, we'll be having some great interviews with designers, and with boutique buyers, to help you stock your closet with new trends and staples). and i have to admit that the crayola-bright colors i'm seeing for spring are making me happy already.

on a personal level, i'm really excited to keep working on the blog - we'll be moving to a fabulous new site soon (you can even update your bookmarks now, as the new address is live: and, of course, i've been having so much fun working with some of you through the shoppingsmycardio personalized shopping programs - i'm really looking forward to seeing that grow in 2008.

but really, this post was just an excuse to get you all to share your favorites with the rest of the class. so, come on, drop a comment and tell all of us (1) what your fave 2007 purchase was, and (2) what fashionista fabulousness you're looking forward to in 2008. don't be shy!