Friday, January 11, 2008

shoppingsmycardio reviews: loeffler for target

so, i've finally gotten a chance to check out most of the pieces from the loeffler for target collection (after box 9 of 9 of my target delivery arrived at my door last night - sheesh). i admit, i was scared. the GO international lines, which i wanted so badly to adore, were incredibly poorly made (even by target standards) and generally designed with your average 17-year-old consumer in mind. just my two cents.

but i was pleasantly surprised by some of the loeffler pieces in real life. overall, things are well-made, and well-finished, with thoughtful details like a nice gold plate on the bags to identify the brand, a gold lining much like the one used on loeffler's high-end line, and a hinge frame on the clutches to make them more structured. definitely better than i was expecting.

the bags are maybe the best use of pleather i've seen in a while. the woven clutch is small, but it would be really practical either as a clutch, or even as a 'bag within a bag' for you ladies with the unmanageably huge handbags (just please, lose the wrist strap). and the weaving, plus a subtle colored-on texture on the pleather, makes the bag look a lot pricier than it actually is. based on my experience with the clutch, i'd definitely give the woven satchel a closer look, though i do have some concerns about the shape being too short & squat to be useful.

the other piece i really like from the collection, which is inexplicable to me, as i hated the pictures of it, is the chain handle clutch. i love it in both the rose gold and the brown, actually (the brown is actually sort of a cross between chocolate and rich burgundy - it's a fabulous color), and since i think it's a little ridiculous to own the same bag in 2 different colors, i'm having a hard time with this one. the brown would work really well as a day bag, when you're going for that more ladylike look. and it bears a striking similarity to the mitzy clutch from loeffler's fall 2007 line. but the rose gold packs such a fashion punch, and feels very edgy/carrie bradshaw - it's a tough call.

the shoes, i have to admit, are disappointing, especially given my undying love for just about all of loeffler's collections. the rosettes on the ballet flats really only work on the gold and rose gold versions - on the black and brown, there's a noticeable 'pom pom' effect that isn't good (ditto for the clutches with the great big rosettes). but the rose gold version actually turned out quite cute, so i'll be keeping those. the peep toe flats would have been fabulous as a heel or a wedge - anything but a flat, basically. and, a word on sizing - i think most of you will find these a little snug. hard to say whether they'll stretch, since they're plastic, but it's definitely a concern.

overall, i'm nowhere near as excited about the loeffler for target pieces as i wanted to be. but there are a few gems in there, and i'm much more impressed with the quality and design after seeing them in person than i was by the online pictures. and that girl that you see on the street trying desperately to rock a rose gold chain handle clutch with jeans and a sweater? yeah, that'll be me. just please, don't laugh and point.