Tuesday, January 15, 2008

deal of the day: 70% off designer sale at shopbop

shopbop just sent me a lovely pre-MLK day present: a 20% off code for everything marked down 50% or more in their designer boutique. normally i wouldn't be quite this excited, but there are many, many fabulous deals to be had. now, remember - this is the designer boutique, so you're not going to score any $10 bargains. but 70% off on a michael kors bag or a peter som dress is nothing to sneeze at.

to score the deal, just head over to the sale section in their designer boutique, pick out your favorites, and use code DESIGNERSALE at checkout.

a few of my picks, in case you need help spending your nest egg:

i love this erickson beamon necklace - it's completely unique (in fact, exclusive to shopbop), will work with a variety of styles, and is sure to be in your closet for decades. i loved it at full price ($785), and i love it even more now that it's $392, plus an additional 20% off, making it, what, about $315? not an unreasonable price at all for a really spectacular piece of jewelry.

this peter som dress is also completely fabulous. still a splurge, certainly, at about $600, but considering it was $1,500 initially, this is a pretty amazing opportunity to pick up a designer piece. you know, if you happen to be a size 2 and have $600 lying around.

this michael kors satchel is gorgeous and classic, both in vanilla (perfect for spring/summer) and in black (a stunning every day bag). and his high-end bags are really divine. the michael by michael kors line is lovely too, don't get me wrong - but it's nothing compared to this. and you can pick up this beauty for not much more than you'd pay for the budget version - about $450.

i'd suggest more, but i have to run before my shopping cart expires and that zac posen clutch and anya hindmarch flats i've somehow snapped up get sniped by some other shopper!