Friday, January 18, 2008

what i want today: obscenely expensive throw pillows

something about winter makes me into a nester. all of a sudden, i stop shopping for clothes (well...okay, i shop less for clothes), and i covet bowls, furniture, new bedding...all of those things that make it fun to just stay inside and admire your purchases.

this week, it's been all about freakishly expensive throw pillows. i realize i'm probably never going to actually spend $300 on this laser-cut leather pillow, for example, but truly, you have to admit: it's so gorgeous, it's literally art. and who says art has to be on the wall? i mean, you know, other than the fact that i own animals, and seeing my dog curled up on top of my "art", taking a nap, would probably give me a coronary.

still...i'd put it on a simple leather club chair, or even just an old rocking chair, and i'm convinced the entire corner of the room would be transformed.

and then, i've completely fallen hook, line and sinker, for the gorgeous pillows (okay, for pretty much everything) over at jonathan adler. how much more fun would your living room be if your couch had this fabulous disco lady at one end, and one of those gorgeous bargello designs on the other? i also love the idea of the studio 54 'admit one' pillow on a bed. works even better if you're single...

this version from anthropologie is (frighteningly) the most affordable of the bunch, at $88. but it's so cheery and happy - i just want to put it somewhere and look at it all day. well, actually i want to put it and a few of its friends somewhere... but unless my ever-practical husband is suddenly kidnapped and reprogrammed by throw-pillow-loving aliens, something tells me these are staying on the shelves at my favorite shops for a while.

anyone else have the redecorating bug this winter?