Wednesday, December 20, 2006

happy holidays everyone....

whatever your holiday, have a wonderful one. i'm off until the new year....i'll be thinking of you as i lie poolside, sipping tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them :)

oh, and a very special happy birthday to A....have a wonderful day, and congrats on a truly fabulous year!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

dear santa...., it's cold outside! hence, my recent obsession with all things cozy and warm. in that spirit, i first spied a shearling-lined hoodie in a men's magazine a month or two ago, and i thought it looked like the coziest thing on earth....and have been pining for a women's version ever since. lo and behold, jcrew has answered my christmas wish. this shearling hoodie comes in all sorts of fabulous colors, and is exactly the thing for those morning walks to starbucks with my puppies. best of all, at $69.50 each, you can afford to get one in a couple of different colors. personally, i like the oxford grey...but the heather oatmeal is lovely too :)

i predict they're going to sell out fast, so i'd pick one up today! get flat rate $4.95 shipping with code FLS-EP1, or $20 off a $100 purchase with DC-449.

and if you're looking to add a little something to your order to hit that $100 mark & save $20, i'd recommend these yummy shearling moccasins to match your new hoodie...only $59.50 for a pair that looks and performs an awful lot like those ugg slippers, but for $40 less. what a deal! and the 'dark camel' color is the clear choice, here - that almond color is great, but would only lead to heartbreak, as all light-colored suede footwear does.

well, would you look at that....

so, much as i hate uggs from a fashion standpoint, i have to admit, after trying on a pair of their slippers the other day, that they're just about the most amazingly cozy thing i've ever had on my feet. that said, they're still completely fugly, for the most part. but, miracle of miracles, i've found a pair of boots by them that i don't hate! amazing, i know. of course, i probably just like them because they look nothing like uggs, but still. i think these would be the perfect boot for the winter - the suede upper and buckle details make them feel luxe and polished, but the fact that the suede is nowhere near the bottom of the shoe means they're actually durable and won't be ruined the first time you step near a puddle.

they're 20% off at right now, plus you can get an extra 10% off if you sign up at, i believe. that brings them down from $250 to $175...not bad to keep your toesies nice and toasty warm this winter.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

speaking of pre-christmas sales....

get 50% off on ella moss tops, lauren merkin clutches, cynthia vincent dresses and paige premium denim this monday only - the entire stock at summerblu is 50% off with code "monday*".

happy hunting!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

item of the day: disposable holiday ware

i swear, i would host parties every day of the week....if it weren't for the after-party cleanup. but really, do you want to spend hours prepping a gorgeous fete, only to serve your handmade olive tapenade bruschettas on chinette?

enter a new line by tord boontje, a fabulous designer whose wares are now being featured at (where else) target! for a mere $11, you get a set of 10 coordinating large plates, dessert plates, napkins and cups....and best of all, they're disposable, so your house can be back to normal in mere moments, instead of the 3 days it took me to recover from my last party.

scoop some up now, and invite me over for a cocktail :)