Monday, January 29, 2007

getting the blues

lately, everywhere i look, all i see are blue bags. but not just any blue - this amazing, bright, knock-you-out, electric blue. the beauty of this color for me is that it completely pops, and really "makes" any outfit, but it's amazingly neutral. really...i mean, it's the same color of denim, and what doesn't go with jeans??

so, since i'm on the hunt for a chance to take advantage of the popularity of this gorgeous new shade, i thought i'd bring you all along for the ride. some of my favorites:

marc jacobs' new blue stam bag is probably trying to replicate the crazy popularity of the petrol stam from last year. this one is, however, a very bright, electric blue - i still love it, but for now, will just be admiring from afar. yours for $1,350 at eluxury.

another designer that's hopped on the bright-blue-bandwagon is jimmy choo, who just released his gorgeous "mahala" bag in an electric shade of blue. fortunately for us, it's already sold out (about 2 weeks after its release). if you can find one, it'll set you back $1,895...but at least we can admire from afar.

rebecca minkoff's "morning after" bag has gotten a lot of press since its release last spring. but this royal blue/basketweave combo is, in my humble opinion, the finest color combination in which it's available. so unique, but i can see it being used in so many different ways! i think it would be a surprisingly neutral addition to any bag wardrobe. retail is $580, and i've yet to see it on sale, even though it debuted last fall. (well, unless you count the fact that it was on sale at anthropologie for $99 once upon a time....i'm still irritated that i missed that.) however, you can get 25% off right now at rebecca minkoff using code "dailycandy".

for those of us who aren't ready to blow nearly $2,000 on the latest trend, there are a few options in the "slightly more affordable" category.

hayden-harnett, a brand that's been getting all kinds of great press lately, has several bags in a gorgeous "cobalt" shade. my favorites are the lorca demi-flap , above (don't worry, the tassel is optional) for $288, and the havana hobo at $398.

lauren merkin is also producing a gorgeous "marine" shade...i like it best in the eve clutch or the plum hobo. $180 for the clutch, and $450 for the hobo, both available at the designer's website.

and if these prices are still a little too steep for you to embrace the blues, i'd expect your friendly neighborhood trend outlet (urban outfitters, forever 21, etc) to pop something out much more wallet-friendly by march. :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

talking cute....

so lately, it seems, i'm obsessed with all things "cute". maybe i'm going through a second childhood, or maybe i'm just so stressed at work that only the cutesiest of cutesy can soothe the savage beast within.

regardless, it's going to be spring someday, the season of cute, and so it seems only appropriate that we spend a moment talking about my favorite cutesy things of the day.

first and foremost, the inspiration for this post...shamelessly stolen from daily candy (which, if you haven't signed up for, you should): the cutest little felt/fleece scarves by a company called my perennial. this bunny design (my personal fave) comes in all sorts of pretty colors. and really, as sick as we all are of bundling up for winter, wouldn't this little bunny make it a bit better? $50, but we're supporting an indy artist, which i'm always happy to do. plus shipping's only $2 right now. even i can't complain about that!

next up is this extremely cute gym bag by fred flare. come on, it's adorable! i think this little bag might even get me to go to the gym...i'm not promising serious cardio once i get there, but i'd at least do a few laps parading my cute gym bag around the place. only $24 at fred flare, one of the "cutest" websites out there.

and last but not least, few things can really return me to my "cutesy" childhood roots quite like a piggy bank. they just hearken back to a better time....when finding a quarter in the couch cushions meant an ice cream bar, instead of a contribution toward the electric bill. this little guy, who i've admired for some time, is smart enough to display in even the non-cutest of houses, but you'll know the truth. plus, he comes full of dough...really! anywhere from a few cents to a $100 bill. so really, it could be a very wise investment! on sale now for $10 at that's a deal worth considering.

here's hoping some of this cuteness finds its way to your home. after all, coming home from work to a package full of one (or more) of these little cuties would brighten anyone's day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

shopping on the cheap (!)

okay, better late than never, right?

in my ongoing quest to keep my 2007 resolution of featuring less expensive items on this site, i thought that one way to do that might be to share some of my favorite ways to save when shopping online.

of course we all know the basics of googling for a free shipping code, but there are lots of ways to go even beyond that.

one of my favorites is something available only to subscribers to lucky magazine (which, by the way, if you aren't, you should be - it's only $ if you're buying even 4 issues a year, this will save you money). it's called "lucky rewards," and it's basically a cash back system, similar to ebates, but less spam. i also prefer lucky rewards because i think they get slightly better discounts & they tend to feature retailers that i actually purchase from. to make it work, once you're a subscriber, you just sign up on their site (it's free). then, if you want to get a discount, you just go to the lucky rewards site and use their site to click through to the retailer you want to purchase from. the purchase is automatically tracked in lucky rewards, and you get a credit in your account (can be instant, or can take up to 14 days) for the percentage back, which they'll send you a check for once your account reaches a certain level. some of the deals include 10% off at shopbop, 14% off at zappos(!), 10% off at yoox (a site which, if you haven't visited, you's like bluefly on crack!), 4% off at neiman marcus...and on and on. you can't actually see the list of sites until you're a member, but trust's worth your while.

for coupons, a site i love is naughty codes. they have one of the best selections of non-expired coupons for common fashion sites - they're always my first stop on that "free shipping code" hunt, even before googling. another "old reliable" is reesycakes, which also does a great job of keeping their listings current, and also tends to feature less-known discounts (ie, the perpetual 20% off discount at active endeavors). you can find similar discount codes at toutie, esp. for smaller/indy websites like le train bleu, one of my favorites. and last but not least in this group is grechen's closet - another place i always check before buying from "boutique" websites.

i'm horrible about remembering to use lucky rewards, but i never buy from a website without checking out these coupon sites...just imagine all that extra shopping you can do with the money you'll save!

Monday, January 22, 2007

sorry i'm MIA....

but stay tuned! new post tomorrow, i promise! :P)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

punk is the new black

well, it seems designers are hitting this 80s revival thing pretty hard...the latest blast from the past to show its face is a resurgence of the punk trend that was so hot way back when. sure, it was showing up in dashes here and there over the spring/summer '06 season (those little metal studs on handbags were all but impossible to avoid), but it's much more overt now....there's no denying the punkitude going around the fashion world.

marc jacobs (your friend and mine) has gone all-out with his "sweet punk" line. the leather (ahem, kangaroo leather, by the way) is beyond's so soft, i can't even tell you. they're studded with hand-painted, hand-placed metal studs and come in all manner of fantastical colors. but, the bags are priced accordingly - that gorgeous green bag up above is $1,800, and they go up from there.

michael kors is following suit with a leather shopper that is, thank goodness, steering him clear of all of the fringe he was putting out last year. this bag is a great modern twist on a classic tote...i like that it rocks the punk vibe without going quite as far as marc has.

since i'm guessing most of us don't want to blow four figures on a trend that's sure to be past its prime sooner than the milk in your refrigerator, here are a few ways to be hip without having to sell your plasma.

from nordstrom, this little number sells for just $15...really. also available in black, but i think the white is super hot. you know, "white hot"....sigh, i have visions of pretty in pink running through my brain.

or, for $48, you can pick up this super cool studded tote - bonus is that a portion of the strap can be detached & made into a belt, thereby completing your punky new look! (note: beware, the rest of that site is probably a little NSFW).

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mission: gold shoes

so, in the spirit of the season (aka, the humongous trend toward metallics for spring), i'm in the market for a pair of gold shoes. i had a pair last year that i adored, and wore like crazy...but alas, they were jeffrey campbells & didn't survive past the summer. so, it's time to shop again.

that's where you all come in - i need some votes. which of the shoes below is your favorite, and why? (note i'm giving no information as to brand or price, although a few of you will probably pick them out pretty quickly...ahem, daily!)

so, without further adieu...

option one:

option two (i realize the pic looks silver, but they're pale me):

option three:

okay, everyone...i'm counting on you!

Monday, January 15, 2007

the five-minute desk remodel

if you're anything like me, your desk at work is, well, less than inspiring. covered with paperclips, files, ballpoint pens, and post-it notes to yourself that you'll never remember to read.

i've decided it's time to change all of that. so here are my suggestions to spruce up even the most dismal of workspaces.

problem 1: the file sorter. you know what i mean, those hideous vertical file organizers made of "smoke" colored plexi...and filled with so many manila folders that you know you'll never find the right one again. the solution? i completely adore the concept of using an oldey-timey british toast rack for your files. truly, it works! you can find a budget option here for $15, or a more ornate & fabulous one here for $35. better already, isn't it?

problem 2: those manila file folders we talked about earlier. really, now - if you're going to have that darling toast rack to organize your files, shouldn't you have some gorgeous file folders to go with it? check out these darling designs from see jane work - or, if you don't want to go quite that far, try some solid-color options from one of my all-time favorites: paper source. my favorite is the "wiggly stripes" set, but i recognize not all of us can get away with such chic desk decor at work.

let's see...what else? oh, you'll need a better way to store your pens and pencils. how about a gorgeous mint julep glass? nothing says class and decorum quite like real just imagine how fabulously you'll react the next time you want to rip someone's head off for swiping your favorite pen! and, of course, we have to do something about the paperclips strewn all over your desk. but i have just the thing for that. this little birdie brings a smile to my face every time i see him. plus, he will alert you to anyone trying to steal your paperclips! now, if only we could boobytrap your new mint julep pen cup!

and last but not least - i like to think that, with an in-box this pretty, no one will ever dare to give you any project that's less than fabulous!

now, i know that none of this stuff will turn me into martha stewart. but, for just a moment, it might make me feel like i have a shot.

happy monday, everyone!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

star light, star bright....

...first star i see tonight...
i wish i may
i wish i might
have the wish i wish tonight.

seriously, is there any word in the phrase "red patent snakeskin maryjanes by manolo blahnik" that doesn't just make you happy?? now, if only i had the $775 to bring them home, i'd be even happier!

until then, a picture on my desktop will have to do.

Monday, January 08, 2007

final clearance days....get it while it's hot!

a few stores have started the "beginning of the end", it's the first day of their final clearance. time to snag some serious deals, kids!

up to 65% off at the last call sale at - free shipping with code NMLAST. fabulous tall boots by prada, chloe and gucci starting at $500-ish are among the many amazing deals to be had. is also having its final clearance (no free shipping, but still well worth a browse). among other things, they have the gorgeous snakeskin marc jacobs peeptoe pumps that i wrote about months ago down to $239, if you happen to be a size 7.5.

today's also the last day to take an additional 25% off of all sale items at with code SECRETSALE07 - definitely worth a look through their sale section, where you can score this darling messenger bag, and this incredibly soft-looking washed leather tote - yes, both are actual leather and well under the $50 mark!

oh, and just for my friends over at thedailyobsession, a couple of great deals on loeffler randall:
~ has the elka boot down to $450
~ and shopbop has the grace pump down to $200 and the too-cute vava clutch for $270.

what can i say...i wasn't around during the infamous after-christmas sales to tempt you all, so i have to make up for it now! have fun!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

item of the day: classic clutch

i have to say that i'm starting to see the value of the clutch. versatile for day or evening, holds just enough, doesn't weigh you down, looks great with darn near anything....why didn't i own one of these before? i got my mom a lauren merkin clutch for christmas - she loves it...and i'm jealous. fortunately, i've found a really great (and cheap) alternative. this version, from urban outfitters, comes in 3 colors - though the ivory is my favorite - and is only $28! at that price, you can get all 3. the ruching keeps it from looking cheap, and keeps it interesting. i'll warn you, though: it's pleather. not normally my favorite. but, i have a phobia of light-colored leather least with this one, if i get a spot on it, it'll wash right off. love that!

pick one up now, before one of the bigger blogs finds these, posts about them, and then they're all sold out. it's going to happen, i promise.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

and while i'm at it...first deal of the new year

have to share this with all of you ladies. if you're in search of a LBD, here's the best deal i've seen in quite a while. i own this dress - it's by max studio. bought it full price a couple of months ago as my "birthday" dress. now it's $25 on anyway, it's incredibly flattering, very comfortable, and for $25, you literally can't go wrong. at this price, i'm tempted to pick up a spare, just in case!

first item of the new year

in the spirit of all things being new and fresh for the new year, i always have a little crush on calendars, come january. and, while my absolute favorite is the one my hubs bought me for christmas (talk about the perfect gift for me!), this darling letterpress calendar runs a very close second, and will be sporting a prime spot on my desk at the office this year.

take a minute to look more closely at some of these designs. they're all letterpress, multi-color, with hand-painted details added in. gorgeous, no? and, it's only 5"x5", which means you'll have no trouble finding a spot for it on your desk. and be honest: your desk could use some girly touches alongside that hole punch and dirty coffee cup, couldn't it?

only $17 from fabulous letterpress designer ilee (plus $1.50 shipping, but even i can't complain about that). these were available a month or two ago, and sold out almost instantly. i was so in love that i emailed and begged the designer to sell me the one off of her very own desk. she refused, but promised that she'd print new ones in january. lo and behold, here they are - i'd snap one up fast!

PS: i am a very bad girl for failing to credit the beeeyoooteeeefullll sunset pic in yesterday's post to my darling hubs. that's one of the many gorgeous sunsets from our christmas vacation. hurray for marrying a professional more crappy vacation photos!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year!

well hello everyone! good to be back :) i hope everyone had as restful and warm a holiday as i did, and got lots of holiday goodies!

my bloggy new year's resolution is to do my best to update regularly, and to be better about posting things in all price ranges :) stay tuned...

in the meantime, i have to show off a couple of my christmas gifts :) first, from my darling hubs, a gorgeous sapphire and diamond right-hand ring. say it with me, everyone....oooooooh! he did a very, very good job :)

and from santa, i received this lovely new addition to my growing marc jacobs family: the quilted ursula elise. she is the black bag i've been searching for for literally months, and i'm so glad she's finally home, after much nail-biting as i searched for her (she's been sold out since spring).

how was everyone else's holiday??