Wednesday, January 03, 2007

first item of the new year

in the spirit of all things being new and fresh for the new year, i always have a little crush on calendars, come january. and, while my absolute favorite is the one my hubs bought me for christmas (talk about the perfect gift for me!), this darling letterpress calendar runs a very close second, and will be sporting a prime spot on my desk at the office this year.

take a minute to look more closely at some of these designs. they're all letterpress, multi-color, with hand-painted details added in. gorgeous, no? and, it's only 5"x5", which means you'll have no trouble finding a spot for it on your desk. and be honest: your desk could use some girly touches alongside that hole punch and dirty coffee cup, couldn't it?

only $17 from fabulous letterpress designer ilee (plus $1.50 shipping, but even i can't complain about that). these were available a month or two ago, and sold out almost instantly. i was so in love that i emailed and begged the designer to sell me the one off of her very own desk. she refused, but promised that she'd print new ones in january. lo and behold, here they are - i'd snap one up fast!

PS: i am a very bad girl for failing to credit the beeeyoooteeeefullll sunset pic in yesterday's post to my darling hubs. that's one of the many gorgeous sunsets from our christmas vacation. hurray for marrying a professional more crappy vacation photos!!