Monday, January 29, 2007

getting the blues

lately, everywhere i look, all i see are blue bags. but not just any blue - this amazing, bright, knock-you-out, electric blue. the beauty of this color for me is that it completely pops, and really "makes" any outfit, but it's amazingly neutral. really...i mean, it's the same color of denim, and what doesn't go with jeans??

so, since i'm on the hunt for a chance to take advantage of the popularity of this gorgeous new shade, i thought i'd bring you all along for the ride. some of my favorites:

marc jacobs' new blue stam bag is probably trying to replicate the crazy popularity of the petrol stam from last year. this one is, however, a very bright, electric blue - i still love it, but for now, will just be admiring from afar. yours for $1,350 at eluxury.

another designer that's hopped on the bright-blue-bandwagon is jimmy choo, who just released his gorgeous "mahala" bag in an electric shade of blue. fortunately for us, it's already sold out (about 2 weeks after its release). if you can find one, it'll set you back $1,895...but at least we can admire from afar.

rebecca minkoff's "morning after" bag has gotten a lot of press since its release last spring. but this royal blue/basketweave combo is, in my humble opinion, the finest color combination in which it's available. so unique, but i can see it being used in so many different ways! i think it would be a surprisingly neutral addition to any bag wardrobe. retail is $580, and i've yet to see it on sale, even though it debuted last fall. (well, unless you count the fact that it was on sale at anthropologie for $99 once upon a time....i'm still irritated that i missed that.) however, you can get 25% off right now at rebecca minkoff using code "dailycandy".

for those of us who aren't ready to blow nearly $2,000 on the latest trend, there are a few options in the "slightly more affordable" category.

hayden-harnett, a brand that's been getting all kinds of great press lately, has several bags in a gorgeous "cobalt" shade. my favorites are the lorca demi-flap , above (don't worry, the tassel is optional) for $288, and the havana hobo at $398.

lauren merkin is also producing a gorgeous "marine" shade...i like it best in the eve clutch or the plum hobo. $180 for the clutch, and $450 for the hobo, both available at the designer's website.

and if these prices are still a little too steep for you to embrace the blues, i'd expect your friendly neighborhood trend outlet (urban outfitters, forever 21, etc) to pop something out much more wallet-friendly by march. :)