Thursday, January 04, 2007

item of the day: classic clutch

i have to say that i'm starting to see the value of the clutch. versatile for day or evening, holds just enough, doesn't weigh you down, looks great with darn near anything....why didn't i own one of these before? i got my mom a lauren merkin clutch for christmas - she loves it...and i'm jealous. fortunately, i've found a really great (and cheap) alternative. this version, from urban outfitters, comes in 3 colors - though the ivory is my favorite - and is only $28! at that price, you can get all 3. the ruching keeps it from looking cheap, and keeps it interesting. i'll warn you, though: it's pleather. not normally my favorite. but, i have a phobia of light-colored leather least with this one, if i get a spot on it, it'll wash right off. love that!

pick one up now, before one of the bigger blogs finds these, posts about them, and then they're all sold out. it's going to happen, i promise.