Friday, January 26, 2007

talking cute....

so lately, it seems, i'm obsessed with all things "cute". maybe i'm going through a second childhood, or maybe i'm just so stressed at work that only the cutesiest of cutesy can soothe the savage beast within.

regardless, it's going to be spring someday, the season of cute, and so it seems only appropriate that we spend a moment talking about my favorite cutesy things of the day.

first and foremost, the inspiration for this post...shamelessly stolen from daily candy (which, if you haven't signed up for, you should): the cutest little felt/fleece scarves by a company called my perennial. this bunny design (my personal fave) comes in all sorts of pretty colors. and really, as sick as we all are of bundling up for winter, wouldn't this little bunny make it a bit better? $50, but we're supporting an indy artist, which i'm always happy to do. plus shipping's only $2 right now. even i can't complain about that!

next up is this extremely cute gym bag by fred flare. come on, it's adorable! i think this little bag might even get me to go to the gym...i'm not promising serious cardio once i get there, but i'd at least do a few laps parading my cute gym bag around the place. only $24 at fred flare, one of the "cutest" websites out there.

and last but not least, few things can really return me to my "cutesy" childhood roots quite like a piggy bank. they just hearken back to a better time....when finding a quarter in the couch cushions meant an ice cream bar, instead of a contribution toward the electric bill. this little guy, who i've admired for some time, is smart enough to display in even the non-cutest of houses, but you'll know the truth. plus, he comes full of dough...really! anywhere from a few cents to a $100 bill. so really, it could be a very wise investment! on sale now for $10 at that's a deal worth considering.

here's hoping some of this cuteness finds its way to your home. after all, coming home from work to a package full of one (or more) of these little cuties would brighten anyone's day!