Monday, January 15, 2007

the five-minute desk remodel

if you're anything like me, your desk at work is, well, less than inspiring. covered with paperclips, files, ballpoint pens, and post-it notes to yourself that you'll never remember to read.

i've decided it's time to change all of that. so here are my suggestions to spruce up even the most dismal of workspaces.

problem 1: the file sorter. you know what i mean, those hideous vertical file organizers made of "smoke" colored plexi...and filled with so many manila folders that you know you'll never find the right one again. the solution? i completely adore the concept of using an oldey-timey british toast rack for your files. truly, it works! you can find a budget option here for $15, or a more ornate & fabulous one here for $35. better already, isn't it?

problem 2: those manila file folders we talked about earlier. really, now - if you're going to have that darling toast rack to organize your files, shouldn't you have some gorgeous file folders to go with it? check out these darling designs from see jane work - or, if you don't want to go quite that far, try some solid-color options from one of my all-time favorites: paper source. my favorite is the "wiggly stripes" set, but i recognize not all of us can get away with such chic desk decor at work.

let's see...what else? oh, you'll need a better way to store your pens and pencils. how about a gorgeous mint julep glass? nothing says class and decorum quite like real just imagine how fabulously you'll react the next time you want to rip someone's head off for swiping your favorite pen! and, of course, we have to do something about the paperclips strewn all over your desk. but i have just the thing for that. this little birdie brings a smile to my face every time i see him. plus, he will alert you to anyone trying to steal your paperclips! now, if only we could boobytrap your new mint julep pen cup!

and last but not least - i like to think that, with an in-box this pretty, no one will ever dare to give you any project that's less than fabulous!

now, i know that none of this stuff will turn me into martha stewart. but, for just a moment, it might make me feel like i have a shot.

happy monday, everyone!