Wednesday, August 09, 2006

shoe of the day

i have been lusting after these marc jacobs shoes since the very moment i saw them. i'm not sure if it's the snakeskin, or the gold, or the suede, or the combo...or just the sheer craziness of the style. it's this perfectly prim silhouette, turned into something totally bold, and certainly unique. i'd wear them with a black suit, and feel anything but bland, throw them into the mix with a black dress (hello, sexy), or maybe even jeans and a cropped jacket. the opportunities are endless....and the shoes are fabulous, even at $395.

thank god they are no longer available in my size :)

PS - i should mention that jcrew has, true to form, attempted to usurp (er, rip off) the creative genius that is marc jacobs, with their own, far inferior, version. for a mere $75 price difference, puh-lease. satin instead of suede, considerably less funk and fun, and what exactly is going on with those beads? no thank you.