Monday, August 21, 2006

question of the day

so, in honor of thedailyobsession's post today about how to wear skinny jeans, let's talk fall trends. since i think fall 2006 is probably the most dramatic turn of events in the last 5 years, what fall trends are you most and least looking forward to this year??

most: i love the loose tops, since they hide a tummy (and i can frequently go down a size, which is always a good thing). and there is a truly fabulous crop of boots out this fall, i must admit.

least: oh lord, there are so many things i hate about the fall collections this year, but i'd have to put leggings at the top of the list. not crazy about skinny jeans, but at least they have some structure, and if you wear them with a bum-covering top, you can sort of make it work....but leggings are just bad. hmm, or ankle boots. i hated ankle boots the first time around, so the reincarnation makes me extremely unhappy.

your turn.....