Thursday, August 24, 2006

today's ensemble

i have to blogbrag, because i look pretty freaking cute today, if i do say so myself.

the ensemble: my brand new yorick t-shirt with a black cardigan (mostly buttoned up, so you can just see the top of the tree on the t-shirt), white eyelet knee-length skirt, red crocodile skinny belt around my actual waist (a trend i am really adoring, by the way - talk about flattering!), and my black loeffler randall talias.

oh yeah, and accessories - a very cute bracelet i picked up at banana republic (the colors are darker in person, much better than the pic), and my cute little stam bag wannabe.

i decided i really wanted it to be fall, but i wasn't convinced enough to bust out my new grey flannel skirt, so i thought this was a great compromise :)

that's right, i'm pre-season.....and damn cute :)