Friday, August 11, 2006

fashion blues

so.....i'm a little ashamed to admit this, but i'm going to anyway, because it's got me feeling a little blue today. i have recently developed a major, MAJOR crush on a certain handbag. a handbag that it would be completely ridiculous of me to spend $1,300 on, even if i had said $1,300 to do so, because i know it will be out of style in a year. but for now, it's hotter than hot. and i'm in love. i've even considered (this is how bad it is) buying the handbag from nordstrom, knowing they'll take anything back, and returning it in six months when i'm over it. ugly, i know. an effort to temporarily allay my extreme covetousness.......for the first time in my life....i bought a fake. which is something i have always been completely and emphatically opposed to.....if that tells you anything about how badly i want the real bag. now, it's not a REAL fake (ie, it doesn't actually come with the fake dustbag, the fake nameplate, etc - i couldn't quite go that far). but it's a fake, nonetheless.

anyway, it arrived today, and i just have to say, for those of you who might consider the fake as an's not. i don't get the rush of "wow, i love my bag" when i look at it. i get a feeling of guilt, inferiority, and....cheapness. and the bag isn't really 'cheaply' made...i mean, it's leather, brass could be much, much worse. i probably would even really like it....if it weren't trying so hard to stand in for a bag it will just never be.

and, after looking at it and feeling these things, i checked the return policy. 15% restocking fee and i have to pay return asia. guess i'm keeping my depressing purchase after all.

so, if any of you have any words of wisdom, or ways to cheer me up about this dismal purchase, i'd love to hear it.

i can honestly say that i have learned my lesson, and solemnly swear to you all that i will never buy a fake again. it's just not the same....