Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i think i've found my fall bag!

so, it has come to this blogger's attention that i don't actually own a black handbag. trust me, no one finds this more shocking than myself. well, technically....i have a black cole haan bag from about 5 years ago that is now WAY too small for my daily carrying-around stuff. and, if we're being really technical, i have a black bag my mom brought back for me from paris.....but let's just say she missed the mark.

anyway, been looking and looking, and can't find anything i love....but michael kors has FINALLY fixed his website (used to just be pics of the runway show, which are great, but don't exactly help me see the accessories all that well), just in time for fall '06. so, barring my fickle-ness kicking in, i'd wager this will be the new fall bag for me!

i normally don't go for the satchel, but i think this will have a long-enough drop to be an over-the-shoulder bag. and it has a little bit of the classic touch that the fall bags seem to have, without being boring. yay!

there's also a hobo style i love, but i think it's a little too similar to the michael kors bag i already have. pretty though, isn't it?

and as long as we're having a michael kors moment, the website has also made me aware that The Boots I Covet for this fall are now available in a fabulous caramel color....*sigh*! how will i choose??