Tuesday, August 01, 2006

since i've abstained for several posts now....shoe of the day!

patent leather seems to be all the rage for fall. fine with me - i love patent! never has to be shined, withstands inclement weather, and adds just the right amount of polish to an outfit...yes, i'm an old-school fan, ever since the days of black patent mary janes with those cute lacy socks.

anyway, the other day, i stumbled across maybe the cutest incarnation of patent i've seen so far this fall - by burberry. now yes, i realize it's not a full patent upper, but bear with me. it comes in a flat and a pump, though i really am much more in love with the pump. either version will set you back right around $350, but i really do think these can go in the 'will never be out of style' file. i mean really, when's the last time that burberry plaid wasn't hot?

stay tuned....i predict there will be many more patent shoes coming soon to a blog near you :)