Tuesday, August 08, 2006

shoe of the day

am i the only one who thinks these are pretty fabulous? maybe a little too 'sandal' for fall....but i'm thinking it's possible these could look pretty great with tights?? maybe? or have i just finally been sucked into The Evil That Is The Fall 2006 Leggings Trend?

it's entirely possible, you know....last night, as i drifted off to sleep (so give me some credit, as i was only partially conscious), i was trying to think of how to make my most comfy black skirt work for fall, and it occurred to me that it might just work with my loeffler randall talia heels and, yes, black footless tights. now, i'm not saying i'll DO that....i'm just saying it might, maybe, possibly work.

i know, i know. i have no willpower.