Wednesday, August 02, 2006

loeffler randall fall line.....yum!

well, thanks to my karmic fashion twin, i now know that my new favorite people, the loeffler randall design team, have just released their fall line. and it includes handbags. blog readers, this could be the end of me - i'm not kidding.

unfortunately, their website isn't everything i'd hope for, and all of the pics are in a PDF, and they post way too small when i try to upload them. so, you'll have to go check out the new shoes and handbags yourself. i think i might need the 'hattie' handbag in that fabulous royal blue (which i did manage to find a picture of, above).

and the shoes...where to begin! everything in plum suede just is so gorgeous...yum. the 'finn' and the 'twyla' are just so fun and girly, and the 'opal' flat has just the right edge.

*sigh*....fall is so my favorite season for fashion!