Monday, January 21, 2008

what i want today: resin bangles by helene zubeldia

true, it's enamel bangles that we're seeing absolutely everywhere these days (you know a trend's permeated the fashion world when it shows up at target). i'm loving the trend - and in fact, am desperately coveting a number of them from my favorite H-themed store, as well as this completely over-the-top version at j.crew.

but, i also love to mix it up when something becomes this hip and happening - nothing more annoying than walking down the street, feeling super-trendy, only to see 12 people pass you in a 5-minute stretch wearing the exact same thing.

these resin bangles by helene zubeldia are just the thing to keep you on-trend, but still a step ahead of the crowd. i love that they're designed to look exactly like a much more expensive horn bangle would (and in fairness, i should say the description does say they're made of horn, though i'd question it at this price), but the price point is low enough that you can stock up. i'd grab one in both sizes, and layer either/both with an enamel bangle or two. or, make it safari chic: wear the thin and thick together, and break it up with a gold bangle in between. you'll have those wannabes next to you on the sidewalk drooling with envy.