Friday, October 12, 2007

what i want today: goldenbleu marni bag

so lately, i've had this weird calling toward really ladylike, structured bags. could have something to do with my fascination with/lust for the hermes kelly bag...but then again, could just be that i'm tired of wearing jeans and tanks all the time, and i'm ready for fall.

anyway. i find myself gravitating toward structure. and clutches. and pretty much anything that looks like it belongs in a black-and-white flick, circa 1949.

the marni bag by goldenbleu caught my eye almost instantly, and literally every time i run across it, i'm smitten all over again. love the shape, love the navy color, love the croc, love the patent...this is definitely a bag with vintage chic written all over it. it'd be the perfect complement to your work wardrobe, natch, but it would also add insta-polish to most of your casual weekend wear. and, considering it's about 1/10 the price of that kelly bag, well, what's not to love??

if you love it too, pick it up over at shopbop for $795.