Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what i want today: jewelry by laura james

don't know what it is, but lately, i am so, so into jewelry. i never really have been before - my tastes trend toward really classic pieces. but over the last couple of months, i've been discovering some really fabulous jewelry designers, and i'm finding all of these amazing pieces i just can't do without!

take, for example, this gorgeous green garnet necklace - i love that it's so simple, but it could totally make any outfit pop. i'm all about versatility in my jewelry purchase, and this one definitely fits the bill. i just love everything about it - even the extremely reasonable $150 pricetag.

i'm just barely beginning to branch out into the world of dangly earrings...i've spent my entire life wearing studs. i love these amazing fern and phrenite earrings - the detailing is incredible, and they're the perfect 'baby step' into the world of bigger earrings. and when i'm feeling a little more glamorous, i know these vintage aquamarine and crystal earrings would be just stunning - laura has such a knack for mixing vintage and modern styles, and these are perfect.

now, some of my newfound taste in jewelry runs toward the slightly impractical, i'll admit. for example, i adore this vintage crystal and garnet necklace, but honestly, i have no clue where i would wear it, except for the occasional fabulous cocktail party or something along those lines. i wish my life were more glamorous!

check out all of laura's gorgeous designs on her website - she's recently added all sorts of new stuff for fall, and i'm loving every bit of it! laura's just been told she'll be featured in the upcoming december issue of lucky, so i suggest nabbing something now. you can tell everyone you "knew her when," and you'll get in before everything's out of stock!