Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what i want today: girly home goods

every so often, i heave a little tiny sigh of nostalgia for my carefree, single days....days when i could buy an absurdly expensive chair covered in flowers, without it being vetoed by my darling hubs for being either (a) way too girly, or (b) completely, irresponsibly expensive.

and when i have those days, i invariably go overboard, looking for excessively girly ways to decorate my office - the one room in my house over which i have total, girl-i-fying control.

if i could eliminate the "way, way too expensive" portion of the equation, i'd almost certainly be bringing this beautiful chair home to rest. i love the cool, sleek 70s vibe, balanced against the almost-eccentric floral crewel work (see the november issue of martha stewart to verify that crewel is, apparently, back). i think it would be the perfect thing to add some color, without dipping a toe into the very dangerous laura ashley territory.

and while i'm at it, i'll buy a handful of these gorgeous vintage italian fashion sketches (check out those fabulous green shoes!), some insanely decorative frames in which to hang them, and paper the walls with girly.

well, at least, in my head, i will.