Thursday, November 01, 2007

what i want today: color-blocked heels

i have to admit that when these first showed up this fall, i was skeptical. okay....i hated them. thought they made no sense whatsoever, and was generally annoyed. plus, i'm generally not the biggest fan of nine west, and that was the version i was seeing everywhere.

but now that a couple of other designers have tried their hand at the color block, i have to admit, i'm sort of loving the concept. it really lets you play with the jewel tones that have been so hot this fall, without getting too commital. plus, if you pick the right color scheme, you're virtually guaranteed a new neural in your closet.

take these (my personal favorite), for example. throw them on with a pair of black pants, and they're just a little something special with the grey toe peeking out - and i've been hunting everywhere for a grey patent shoe. but now, picture them with a grey flannel skirt and black tights - that bit of yellow on the heel and ankle strap playing into maybe some chunky gold jewelry or a fabulous metallic clutch? suddenly, that sedate little grey heel is completely fabulous!

or, consider pairing the steve madden version (a few color combos available, but my fave is this gorgeous burgundy/yellow) with some of the season's hottest wide-leg pants, especially in a fabulous plaid like this one. so perfect, i don't even know where to start. they'd also be amazing with one of the million minidresses that are absolutely everywhere right now. i can see it going just perfectly with this
MK2K turtleneck dress
, for instance.

i wouldn't invest too much in the trend, as i'm guessing there's not a lot of long-term potential here. but those darling kenneth coles are only $89. you'll definitely get that much wear out of them this fall and winter. the steve madden version is a little higher, but the color is so fabulous, i think they're still worth it.

(bonus: through 11/4/2007, use code 11491 at checkout to save 15% on those darling kenneth coles!)