Monday, November 19, 2007

cheap thrills...

i owe the girls behind almost heeled, a fabulous new shoe blog, a great big huge shoppingsmycardio lovefest-style thank you. i've been mourning the loss of my nine west 'luv my flats' for almost a year now (the link is to a really ugly version, i's purely for illustration, as it's all that's left out there). i loved the cute little pouch they folded up into, because it meant i could pack twice as many shoes when i travel, plus they were small enough to throw into a regular purse as an emergency "my heels are literally going to kill me if i don't take them off this second" option.

i've been teetering on the brink of ordering some of those yummy sue london flats that everyone seems to have...but just wasn't ready to take the $130 plunge for shoes that i'm hearing aren't the most durable things out there.

so, huge, huge thanks to the darling writers over at almost heeled, who turned me on to these much cheaper versions over at newport news, of all places. yes, they're satin, not leather. but they're on sale for $24, plus if you use code 521 you get 20% off, and L79 gets you free shipping (we all know what a free shipping whore i am). i ordered 2 pair for about $35....which makes me deliriously happy. at that price, i won't even care when they fall apart in a month.

of course, if you're being picky about it, you can still pick up the sue london version, or this new version by coach, which i also happen to love. but seriously, tough to pass up the $24 option, don't you think?