Sunday, November 04, 2007

not to miss: rebecca minkoff sample sale!!

i think we're pretty well-established rebecca minkoff fans here at shoppingsmycardio by this point. so, when i got the word that that she was holding a sample sale next week, well, my heart was all aflutter. until i remembered that her shop is in NYC (you manhattan girls have all the fun!).

but just as i was ready to go cry into my martini, things improved: rebecca's decided to offer phone! so, starting tomorrow (that's 11/5), at noon eastern time, flex those dialing fingers, and put a call in to the amazing sales staff at the rebecca minkoff store at 212/677.7829!

now, for the sample sale virgins out there: we have no idea what's going to be in stock (in fact, i chatted with some of the fabulous girls over at the shop to see if we could get a little sneak peek, and even they don't know yet). so, use some sample-saling common sense on this one, and pull up their website before you call, so that when they tell you they have one black mini nikki left, you have sense enough to say "i'll take it!!!" instead of "now, which one is that again?"

all the gory details are above, and i'm even adding the official RM disclaimer about the sale (essentially, these are samples, ladies - they're in great shape, but no guarantees and no returns, no matter what).

have a blast, buy a lot, but be patient with the store....monday's going to be no small nightmare of craziness for them, i'm sure. ooh, and of course, feel free to let them know shoppingsmycardio sent you their way!

[official RM disclaimer: Pre-sale begins Nov. 5 at 12pm and ends Nov. 9th at 12pm (eastern time). Orders are taken in the order phone calls are received, no email or website orders will be accepted, and no orders will be guaranteed to ship until your credit card is actually charged. All orders will be shipped within 10 business days after it is received. The samples being sold during the pre-sale are NOT damaged. All are certifiable to sell retail. All leathers used by Rebecca Minkoff are natural leathers. Slight differences in color and texture are characteristics of natural leather. All sales are final. No exchanges, no refunds, no repairs. Only Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted. Shipping and taxes are included in prices quoted over the phone. Actual sale begins Tues, Nov. 13th and ends Friday, Nov. 16th, 12pm-8pm. It is at 158 Grand St. #207, 2nd Floor. (between Lafayette St. and Centre St.) New York, New York.]