Tuesday, November 13, 2007

what i want today: naughty necklaces by locher

i absolutely love the t-shirts over at locher, but the truth is i'm a little scared to actually wear them out in public. i mean, there are days i definitely want to be that girl...but, well, i guess i'm just not quite to the point that i'm willing to put all of my bitchiness right out there for the world. i like to save it for a select few.

so, i was really thrilled to see locher branch out into accessories: specifically, necklaces that have that same adorable profanity thing going, in a much more subtle way. i think we all have a friend who would seriously keel over with laughter after receiving this fabulous petite salope ("little slut") necklace (yes, in this case, that friend is me...). or, for the more timid/traditional, the 'i love you' postcard is mainstream, but still adorable.

check them all out here, and unleash your inner bitch...something tells me it'll feel fantastic!