Thursday, November 29, 2007

what i want today: gold earrings by diana kane

this is another of those ongoing quests i have: the perfect gold earring. i want something tasteful enough that i can use it as an 'everyday' earring, and it has to be work-appropriate of course, but i want something more unique than your basic gold hoop or stud. it's a tricky business.

these beauties from diana kane fit the bill perfectly, i think - the size is perfect for getting just the right amount of notice, without going overboard. and i love the asymmetrical, organic circle - it gives these just the right amount of polish and style. and i love that you can order them in rose gold as well - i think they'd be stunning!

pick them up for $272 over at diana's website. sure, i was hoping to find the perfec gold earring for under $50, but honestly, was that going to happen? i think this is one of those occasions on which we have to break out the 'cost per wear' argument of which i'm so fond...