Wednesday, November 14, 2007

oh happy day: henri bendel goes online!

henri bendel has to be one of my all-time favorite stores in new york. they stock consistently chic, cool gifts and wares of all sorts, plus store-designed exclusive pieces that you just can't find anywhere else.

just in time for the holidays, they've (finally) joined the 21st century, and i hardly know where to begin. sadly, the whole store isn't available online, but there's more than enough to whet your appetite and put a serious dent in your holiday shopping list. one of the best things about bendel's is that even though it's a really luxe, fabulous store, they offer gifts in all sorts of price ranges and options.

i know, it's still way too early for holiday gift guides. but a few of the many picks i have from the site so far...just to file away for next month:

these gorgeous enamel bangles remind me of a much more expensive version, but are equally fabulous and maybe even a bit more hip. they're just the thing to add color to a classic sweater-and-jean ensemble, and at under $70, they're great for gifting.

this darling little manicure set is the perfect "just in case" gift to have on hand. the brown-and-white stripe print is signature bendel, and i can't think of a single woman i know who wouldn't be thrilled to have this in her desk drawer.

and if anyone's looking for a gift for me this holiday season, you definitely couldn't go wrong with this gorgeous, limited edition cashmere tee. i love them all, but the diamond ring is a little too perfect, i think. sure, it's $300...but hey, it's christmas!

of course, as with all eccentric and fabulous shops, the real fun is in the holiday catalog, which you can check out right here. i'm fairly certain someone on my list will be getting that darling striped cookie jar on page 7, the amazing opera-length cashmere gloves on page 8, a fabulous graphic ipod cozy from page 11, and i'm seriously loving the missoni sunglasses on page 15 (though i have a feeling i couldn't bring myself to part with those).

if you find things in the catalog that you love, or if you just need a little extra help, the shop is also offering online concierge services, case you needed another excuse.