Monday, November 26, 2007

what i'm giving today: gifts from orange button

yep, time for those holiday guides you're seeing everywhere. rather than just narrowing down by group, we'll be doing things a bit more random-like over here. we'll be doing some of the standard guides/idea lists, but other days, we'll tell you about just one fabulous gift, or maybe a whole website with so many fabulous gifting ideas that i just had to show them all.

like today, for instance. this site is so chock full of fabulous gifts that they get their very own post. truly, i think i can find something for just about everyone on my list at orange button, and all at prices low enough that i can justify picking up a little bonus gift for myself!

if you have kids on your list, please, please, buy them this darling peanut blue bluebird. if you have two to buy for, i think agatha the elephant is the logical next choice, but there are lots of darling options to choose from (including this completely fabulous mobile, if you happen to have $180 to spend).

i'm also loving these gorgeous solid wood bangles - these are cool enough that they'll work with so many different personal styles. they're all stunning, but the koa, quilted sapele and zebrawood are my favorites. i would give one to my best friend, and one to my assistant, and i know they'd both love them.

for the perfect hostess, pick up a few of these darling coasters, and give them along with a gorgeous bottle of pink champagne. i love the ones with the drinking girls, but the "it's that kind of party. you want to be there. trust me" coasters are meant to be mailed as invitations. in the right hands, these are a party waiting to happen.

with all of the "no plastic bags, ever" hype this year, cute tote bags are a dime a dozen. but the truth is, if you find the right design, they're the perfect holiday gift for just about anyone. i mean, i own more tote bags than i could even begin to mention, but i'm always excited when i find a new one i can't live without. loads of fabulous options, but my favorites are the nest tote (great for me, your mom, or a friend with more tailored, subdued taste) and the big hen, made from vintage 1970s fabric (for that friend whose personal style is so funky and fabulous that you spend most of your time being jealous that she can pull off purple tights). of course, don't overlook the other options: i love the forest vintage and the flower branch too. they're a bargain at $25, but if you have a little extra to spend, never give an empty tote. fill it with a book or a couple of magazines the recipient will love, or just hit the drugstore and fill it with some holiday candy. you can never go wrong with chocolate!

and, if you have a paper fiend on your list, the options are endless. i'd either hand pick a stack of five or six of the fabulous greeting cards on the site, and put them together in a pretty wooden box tied with twine, or i might just pick up this beautiful silkscreened print, and put it into a fabulous frame.