Friday, November 02, 2007

big pre-announcement announcement

just letting you all know that monday, we'll be unveiling a pretty huge and exciting development here at shoppingsmycardio. be sure to stay tuned!

but, the big pre-announcement announcement (also completely fabulous) is that shoppingsmycardio is the newest member of coutorture! coutorture is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the best of the best from the world of fashion blogging - they cull the hottest stories from all around, plus their own spot-on commentary, fashion week coverage, and oh-so-much more into one easy-peasy location. and now, they'll be adding shoppingsmycardio into the mix - i can hardly wait! so, keep your eyes peeled - coutorture's so fabulous, you'll want to add them to your daily click list anyway, along with their parent corp, sugar inc (as in popsugar, shopstyle, etc, etc, etc).

of course, do try to contain your excitement - you're going to need some of it for the monday announcement!

(ps...yes, the pic is yet another etsy can pick it up here.)