Thursday, November 08, 2007

what i want today: to be a lipstick queen

i have to admit, i'm always pretty much in awe of women who can really and truly pull off lipstick. i know, that sounds completely lame. but i'm talking really fabulously glamorous women (the same women that pull off liquid eyeliner). the ones that put on that perfect shade of red lipstick, and are suddenly drop-dead amazing, without a drop of makeup anywhere else on their perfect faces.

sadly, i have never been one of those women - i've always been pretty much completely terrified of the super-bold lipstick, fearing i'd come out looking more like a desperate, dita-von-teese-wannabee than an actually glamorous gal. but i recently came across a new line of lipsticks that makes me think it just might be possible.

designed by poppy king, the lipstick queen line (yes, i totally admit to being sucked in by the name and the gorgeous packaging) features an impeccably small selection of shades that are so well crafted you're virtually guaranteed to find that perfect color, without spending an hour at the lipstick counter in that oh-so-fun "wax on, wax off" game we've all played a hundred times.

crafted in both semi-sheer ("saint") and super-matte ("sinner" - told you i was sucked in by the marketing) versions, lipstick queen lipsticks have that fabulous vintage chic look that's absolutely everywhere this fall. any trend that promises to make me look fabulous and super-hip, all for under $20, well, that's hard to pass up.

to buy, check the color selections out online, then head over to your friendly neighborhood barneys.