Friday, November 02, 2007

what i want today: to break the etsy cycle

seriously....etsy is slowly killing me. every time i stumble onto that damn site (which is becoming increasingly more frequent), i emerge 2 hours later with at least 15 things in my shopping cart. the place is insane - completely chock full of adorable, and ridiculously affordable goodies.

the only down side is that most of the fabulousness i run into is one-of-a-kind...and, well, at the end of the day, i'm a selfish girl. so, until i'm 100% sure i'm not buying it, well, i don't tell you all about it.

i'm making a rare exception today, probably because it's 4 am, which translates to being too sleep-deprived to think it through. so, my friday etsy picks:

we're getting close to the dreary winter in my neck of the woods. no snow, but rain...and lots of foggy greyness. so, how perfect would this "here comes the sun" necklace be to shake off the gross winter weather, or just to remind yourself that maybe today won't be as bad as you think? love the styling, love the subtlety - i know this darling would be in major rotation in my wardrobe. then again, it'd also be a great gift for a dear friend of mine who lives in an even more grey, dreary part of the world than i do. (see? i am capable of shopping for others...occasionally.)

the other etsy jewelry i've been stalking lately are the bubble rings by colleen baran. i always love big, substantial rings on others, but never feel like i can quite pull off the look for myself. i love these because they have the heft without being too cumbersome. lots of fabulous options to choose from.