Friday, October 19, 2007

what i want today: loeffler randall bling

it pains me to mention this, but the reality is that the holiday season is fast approaching. seriously - i walked into a linens-n-things not long ago (don't ask) and found that the entire front of the store had been taken over by fake christmas trees and dancing santas. i was, to say the least, disturbed. i mean, it's not even halloween yet!

anyway. holidays are coming up, which means all of those holiday parties are also coming up. the work party, the significant other's work party, the friend's party, the parents' party...the list gets pretty long. by the end, i'm more than a little sick of my favorite LBD.

so, this year, i'm thinking that the thing to do is to pick up this gorgeous gold tunic by loeffler randall. it's as comfy as a t-shirt, as easy to style as a dress (i can think of at least 4 different ways to wear it without even breaking a sweat), and so glamorous, no one will ever suspect you're actually comfortable. plus, it has that floaty, non-skintight quality that is oh-so-important after your third glass of eggnog.

at $225, it's about the most reasonably-priced piece of high-end fashion i've seen in a while. grab it now, before everyone else realizes they have nothing to wear.