Thursday, October 04, 2007

what i want today: comfy cotton by saint grace

when it comes to cotton, i've become something of a snob. the truth is that once you're introduced to the really good stuff (think james perse, loomstate, michael stars), it's just hard to go back to your $4 target tee. not that there aren't many a bargain cotton t-shirt in my closet...but if i'm looking for something really comfy but that can actually be worn beyond my weekend couch potato routine, that's a different story.

i recently got a chance to check out the goods from saint grace, a relatively new design co whose wares have become a celeb favorite overnight, as so many do. they specialize in comfy cotton goods that are designed to look fabulous - and they've definitely hit the mark. so often, i'll fall in love with a cotton dress, only to put it on and realize (a) the fabric is paper-thin, and (b) the designer never bothered to consider how it would actually look on a human. both problems are solved with saint grace. their pieces are thick and lush - definitely not the stuff that's going to turn into a ball of fuzz when you wash it. and everything i've tried of theirs is just amazing on - well-cut, flattering...and soooo comfy!

check out a few of my faves: the mickey dress, the hanna sweater (check out those darling pink elbow patches!), the remy dress (the perfect work-to-drinks option), or the classic yvette tee. and of course, remember you're getting 15% off at revolve clothing for the next couple of weeks with code DAILYOBSESSION!