Thursday, September 13, 2007

what i want today: new leather handbags by orla kiely

i am incredibly excited to report that orla kiely has finally stepped it up from the fabric bags that i love but which are tough to carry to an office environment. this fall, she's introduced a small line of leather bags which are completely divine. my top pick is this gorgeous, retro patent handbag. i love that she's paid as much attention to detail as i'd expect from a much higher-end bag, but that she's kept the price point in the reasonable realm (under $500). i love the vintage vibe this bag has - there's just never going to be a time that this bag isn't completely cool and fabulous to have around. to be honest, it's one of the first handbags i've seen in months that i've actually craved (well, other than the clutch we talked about last week, but that's an entirely different genre...).

it's hard to get a good visual on just how fabulous this bag will look for fall, but here's a picture of it being sported by a model at shopbop - you have to admit, that bag is so stealing the show. major kudos to orla...i hope this is the start of some really wonderful new things from her. snap it up now at shopbop...i seriously doubt this one's going to make it to the sale section at the end of the season.