Friday, September 14, 2007

big, exciting GIVEAWAY - olay definity eye illuminator

so, in celebration of the fact that olay is the official beauty sponsor of this year's emmy awards (airing this sunday on fox, i believe), they've oh-so-kindly offered to give five of my darling readers a full-size bottle of olay definity eye illuminator! seriously, i just adore the peeps over at olay - they're super sweet, and have totally converted me to their products. i've already told you all how much i adore this product, so i'm really excited that some of you are going to get a chance to try it out...for free!

and, in the spirit of red carpet glamour, i thought i'd share a few makeup/beauty tips, tricks and trend predictions from bruce grayson, who is the head of the makeup department for the emmy awards. can't get much more expert than that, i think. he recently did a press Q&A about the overall look he's expecting to see at the emmys, and i thought it was worth sharing.

Q: What major beauty trend do you expect to see on the runway this year?
A: This year I predict that the emphasis will be on the lips, rather than the eyes. Lipstick is back in a big way and I think we'll be seeing lots of moisture matte formulas and glossy formulas. Lip stains blotted down in shades of plum or red will be the "it" colors. But don't discount the eyes; they'll be soft and beautiful, simply framed with false lashes instead of heavy liner.

Q: Clothing or Makeup: Which Comes First?
A: Wardrobe always influences makeup, like using matte red lips with a 50s vintage gown. Sometimes a hair style will force a makeup artist to choose a single focal point on the face, like the lips, if the hair style includes bangs that cover the eyes.

Q: What are some of your all-time favorite techniques and must-have products?
A: Thin translucent foundations and powders that allow natural even skin tone to be seen are key. Blotting papers to take down shine are a great alternative to power build-up, and Kleenex on-hand for the occasional teary eye are a must. I always keep cream blush nearby because it blends right into the skin and looks natural, along with false lashes to frame the eyes without using liner.

now sure, i'm not exactly headed for the red carpet any time soon (but if i were, i would so want to wear the dress at right....sigh!), but i always love getting new ideas for makeup - it's so easy to fall into a rut where you're doing the same things every day. in fact, i recently dressed up for an evening out, asked my hubs what he thought of my makeup, and he said "it's your regular 'going out' makeup - it looks fine."

anyway, on to the freebies! to enter, just drop a comment (must be on this post), and make sure you include your name, of course - i'll choose my five winners at random. check back next week and i'll reveal the winners!