Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what i want today: sigerson morrison flats

argh! i want these so badly it's causing me actual, physical pain. to tell the truth, i've lusted after this style (a classic sigerson design) for at least a year now...but i always end up feeling like i should wait until they go on sale. the thing is, they never do. and it drives me completely crazy!

every fall, sigerson releases new color combos, and i spend an exorbitant amount of time choosing a favorite - my all-time fave was a gorgeous royal blue with orangey-yellow jewels. the black/grey version above would be infinitely more versatile, though. now, if only i could stumble across a spare $395 in one of my coat pockets, i'd be all set.

(check them out in mirrored silver, fabulous! probably not as practical as the black...but then again, the silver would go so nicely with the outfit i'm wearing today, whereas the black would not. and the mirroring makes them infinitely more cool than the millions of other silver shoes out there. agh, decisions!)