Saturday, September 22, 2007

what i want today: aunt sadie's candles

i can tell it's nearly fall. all of a sudden, my shopping instincts are starting to lean heavily toward gifting to others...a clear sign the holidays aren't as far away as my bank account would like them to be. cruising around anthropologie the other day, i came across these completely darling candles by aunt sadie's, and my first instinct was to buy a dozen of them and call my christmas shopping done for the year!

these cuties have the chic/kitsch blend down to a science, and it doesn't hurt that the scents are totally addictive. my favorite is the fresh cut grass (in fact, even my hubs loved that one), but check out the wacky orange and wacky lemons as well - they're so fresh and summery, without having so much citrus smell that they're overpowering. plus, the canisters are so cute that i want one in every room of my house.

pick a couple up for yourself now & give them a test drive - at only $16 each, they're a steal. once you've sampled, you'll be back for more....just in time for all of their yummy holiday scents (hello, "pumpkin pie" and "gingerbread"?!). i guarantee these will be showing up on my holiday gift list!