Thursday, September 27, 2007

what i want today: bottomless pit of money for shoes....

argh. i have been so, so, so good about shoes lately. and now, it's fall, and there are at least a dozen pair(s?) of shoes that i'm completely dying for. i am so very in need of a money tree!

first, as you know, i had to have those gorgeous red suede pumps. not so much practical, but literally could not stop myself. too fabulous.

then it occurred to me that i actually have no presentable boots for fall. given the size of my shoe closet, you can imagine my shock. boots are not exactly cheap, especially given my tastes. ideally, i think at a minimum, i'd need a casual pair (flat) and a dress pair (heel). for the flats, i'm leaning heavily toward the dharma boot by delman, but i'm also seriously considering loeffler randall's matilde boot.

for the dress boots, i'm a little stumped...but i'm thinking maybe the thing to do is be a teensy bit fiscally responsible and pick up these very classic j.crew boots for a very reasonable $225. as soon as they have a free shipping promo, of course. i actually think these are a pretty perfect dress boot. pointy toe, but not too pointy, and a very walkable 2.5" heel makes them workable for skirts or pants.

then flats. how is it possible that i have no silver shoes, and no black round-toe flats? seriously. i have gold, and i wear them all.the.time. but sometimes, one needs silver. i'm pretty sure i've chosen the classic sue london flats for that purpose, though i'm still deciding between a true silver and a yummy gunmetal color (anyone with input, please speak up!). i just love that they fold up - makes them completely perfect for travel, as i'm always looking for a way to squeeze one more pair of shoes into my suitcase. plus, the metallic shoe really is the answer to the "i have no shoes to go with this outfit" dilemma almost every single time.

the black flats are easier, but expensiver (yes yes, send your grammar police somewhere else). sigerson morrison is my drug of choice in this case. i'm lusting after these, but may decide these are a bit more lasting in terms of style. but the studs on those first ones are so freaking cute. agh.

and then, of course, the chunky heels, they are everywhere this fall. i was trying desperately to avoid them, but then those most fabulous ladies over at bunnyshop had to point out some amazing cuteness from frye (yes, i was shocked too). i think i have to have these, either in cognac or grey. grey would be much more "of the season" i realize. but the cognac would be super fun too, and the color is just fabulous. plus, $150...much cheaper than almost anything else i've posted here. (ps: ahem, if someone buys the last size 11 while i'm debating, i'm going to be SO annoyed!)

yeah. um. so that's the problem. i'm up to about $1500 in shoes, and i haven't even been out to check out the new barneys that just opened in san francisco. plus, i still want about 7 fall dresses besides. as i said: argh.

so, anyone know where to find that money tree???