Thursday, August 16, 2007

what i want today: fabulous, ageless skin!

confession time.....i'm all-too swiftly nearing one of those birthdays that ends in a zero. and it has me just a little bit freaked out. so, lately, i've found myself trolling new aisles at sephora - specifically, the ones dealing with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, botox-wannabe products promising all sorts of unattainable ideals. and i'm completely ready to buy in, even if it means mortgaging my house to save my skin. seriously, the pricing on some of this stuf boggles the mind. but i diligently toted home sample after sample, and product after product, convinced i was going to find something really amazing...eventually.

as it turned out, the more products i tried, the more annoyed my skin got. and the more convinced i was becoming that none of them actually do anything at all. my adventures in high-end beauty products were just serving to make me a cynic...and a depressed, wrinkle-bound one at that.

so, after all of this sampling and testing and guinea pigging the newest, latest thing, imagine my surprise when i decided, just for kicks, to give that old drugstore standby, olay, a try. the oldest trick in the book, right? but wouldn't you worked!

seriously. now, i'm not saying i'm suddenly this amazing, alabaster-skinned goddess. the lines are still there. but they're a wee bit fainter. and after all of those really expensive 'miracle' products, my skin was really grouchy at me for my indecision...but within a week of trying out the olay magic, my skin is happier than i ever remember it being. no dry spots. no blemishes. and even the under-eye circles are getting a bit better.

what i've been using: olay regenerist UV defense (SPF 15, thank you) in the morning, deep hydration regenerating cream at night, and definity illuminating eye treatment morning and night (i'll confess that i'm still looking for the perfect eye cream...but if there's no miracle cure, this one definitely is closer than anything else i've tried). and, of course, still using the juice beauty serum day and night as well - i'm so addicted to this stuff, it's silly.

seriously, it's worth tossing a couple of these lovely products into your basket the next time you're at the drugstore. added bonus: it's much easier to sneak these products into the joint household budget, since you can pick them up right alongside the toilet paper and tampons! don't tell my hubs, and i won't tell yours....