Wednesday, August 01, 2007

what i want today: wine glass decals

mea culpa....i'm totally idea-stealing from daily candy today, but the truth is that i've been looking for just this sort of thing for the longest time, and they've managed to stumble across it for me. so, maybe it's less blatant plagarism as it is, um, spreading the word? erm....anyway.....

the truth is that i sort of hate wine charms. and by "sort of," i mean a lot. they're just a little too...cutesy for my taste (to each their own, of course....but it's my blog and i'll hate if i want to). but then, you have the obvious dilemma of having a handful of your closest boozers over for a few drinks, and before long, you're drinking your margarita out of a glass with a lipstick rim...and you didn't wear lipstick to the party. my previous solution has been to just buy lots of different glasses, and mix it up...but that's a hard plan to maintain with limited cupboard space.

so, i'm loving the 1980s sticker collection (ooh, remember scratch n' sniff stickers?? those were so cool! ....but i digress) charm of these little decals, called clinqs. at about $5 per sheet, you can pick up a few....i love the kitsch of the gnomes, but i have a feeling i'd get the most use out of the little life series (i call the eiffel tower!).

pick up a sheet or two here, and remember to invite me over for drinks....i'll know which glass is mine!