Tuesday, August 21, 2007

tuesday rant: fug aplenty from louboutin

been a while since i really ranted about something, but i recently discovered that one of my favorite shoe designers, christian louboutin, was about to venture into the already-well-populated field of handbag design. naturally, i was thrilled....the house of louboutin is right up there with manolo blahnik and jimmy choo when it comes to footwear, so i would expect nothing less than fabulous from the designer's foray into bags.

so, imagine my total and utter disappointment when i clicked over to check out the new goods for fall, and found all of this fug. seriously, there's no other word for it. i mean, every designer has an off collection, but for his debut? there's just no excuse. worst of all? not only am i expected to love this, but i'm expected to pay almost $4,000 for it?? hello?! i could practically buy a kelly for that price. and it wouldn't look like i mugged a chinchilla in the parking lot.

but hey, everyone's entitled to one bad apple in a good barrel, right? no, no...sadly, ALL of the bags are this bad. seriously, i mean, how many alpacas died to make this nightmare? (yes, i realize you don't actually have to kill the alpaca...i'm making a point.)

truly, it boggles the mind. how could the same genius mind came up with these gorgeous pieces of art have also concocted these monstrosities? it just doesn't seem possible.

okay, rant over....