Thursday, August 09, 2007

designer of the day: milly

i got a lovely little email from shopbop today, letting me know they're going to start carrying designs by milly. now, truth told, this is a label whose name i've known, but i haven't spent much time looking at their stuff. until now. just about every piece shopbop is carrying is something i'm dying to own. everything just strikes me as so functional, but mod and fun at the same time. sadly, i don't quite have the glamazon legs i'd need for most of their darling shift dresses. but the mod floral twill sweater? oh my. i can completely see the sweater becoming a staple in my closet (the collar and cuffs detach, leaving you with the most fabulous basic - a black cashmere crewneck sweater). at $270, not cheap, but certainly fair for something with such classic styling - it'll certainly be in your closet for years to come.

i'm also coveting the basket weave button jacket, though i'm a little wary about it being out of style sooner than it's $550 pricetag will let me justify. but the cut is impeccable, the styling is perfect - this is definitely a piece that would see a lot of wear in my closet.

and, last but not least, as i said - their mod dresses are where milly really seems to shine. if you have the gams for it, the belted shift dress is a no-miss choice, again with impeccable tailoring and style, that will undoubtedly become a long-term love in your closet. or, pick up the hexagon jersey dress, which would be the ultimate choice for the worst of the "i have nothing to wear" days. throw it on with tights and platforms, and you're instantly the cutest thing on the block.

check out the well-pruned options at shopbop, or you can head over to tobi, one of my favorite online haunts, where they've known about milly for a while already. or, for even more options, take a virtual stroll through the racks at bergdorf - you'll be in milly heaven in no time!