Friday, August 10, 2007

what i want today: "aesa" ring by randi mates

as i said, i'm on a jewelery quest these days. so, things are catching my eye that are normally a little outside my comfort zone. take the "aesa" ring by designer randi mates, for example. there's something about it i just love - maybe it's the incredibly organic design (according to the designer, it's inspired by tree and cloud shapes), mixed with the very modern medium of laser-cutting the gold to create this piece. or maybe it's the fact that it seems incredibly practical and wearable, being as flat and slim as it is, while still clearly making a statement, which is what i'm looking for in an accessory, after all.

if you love it too, buy it for $200 at my new favorite website, auto. talk about a time-sucking website...i linked over innocently enough, and an hour later, i realized i wanted just about everything they sell. sigh.